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Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data with Integrated Review and Worksheets plus NEW MyStatLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package

By Michael Sullivan

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 7, 2014


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0321985273 / 9780321985279 Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data with Integrated Review and Worksheets plus NEW MyStatLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package

Package consists of:   

0321694635 / 9780321694638 MyStatLab -- Valuepack Access Card

0321757270 / 9780321757272 Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data

0321985087 / 9780321985088 Worksheets for Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data with Integrated Review


Table of Contents

The table of contents below shows the review topics (bulleted text) that are integrated throughout the MyStatLab® course. The Integrated Review resources include worksheets, videos, and other materials designed to help students master these important topics.



Part I: Getting the Information You Need


1. Data Collection

·   Round Decimal Numbers


Part II: Descriptive Statistics


2. Creating Tables and Drawing Pictures of Data

·   Factor a Number as Prime Factors

·   Find the Least Common Multiple of Two of More Numbers

·   Write a Equivalent Fractions

·   Write a Fraction in Lowest Terms

·   Convert Between Fractions and Decimals

·   Convert Between Percents and Decimals


3. Numerically Summarizing Data

·   Classify Numbers

·   Plot Points a Real Number Line

·   Use Inequalities to Order Real Numbers

·   Compute the Absolute Value of a Real Number

·   Add Integers

·   Determine the Additive Inverse of a Number

·   Subtract Integers

·   Multiply Integers

·   Divide Integers

·   Multiply Rational Numbers in Fractional Form

·   Divide Rational Numbers in Fractional Form

·   Add or Subtract Rational Numbers in Fractional Form

·   Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide Rational Numbers in Decimal Form

·   Evaluate Exponential Expressions

·   Apply the Rules for Order of Operation

·   Evaluate a Formula

·   Evaluate Square Roots

·   Determine Whether a Square Root is Rational, Irrational, or Not a Real Number


4. Describing the Relation Between Two Variables

·   Plot Points in the Rectangular Coordinate System

·   Determine whether an Ordered Pair Satisfies an Equation

·   Create a Table of Values that Satisfy an Equation

·   Graph a Line by Plotting Points

·   Graph a Line Using Intercepts

·   Find the Slope of a Line Given Two Points

·   Find the Slope of Vertical and Horizontal Lines

·   Graph a Line Using Its Slope and A Point on the Line

·   Work with Applications of Slope

·   Use the Slope Intercept Form to Identify the slope and y-Intercept

·   Graph a Line Whose Equation Is In Slope- Intercept Form

·   Find the Equation of a Line Given Its Slope and y-Intercept

·   Work with Linear Models in Slope-Intercept Form


Part III: Probability and Probability Distributions


5. Probability

·   Determine the Intersection or Union of Two Sets


6. Discrete Probability Distributions


7. The Normal Probability Distribution

·   Evaluate Geometry Formulas

·   Solve a Formula for a Variable


Part IV: Inferences — From Samples to Population


8. Sampling Distributions


9. Estimating the Value of a Parameter Using Confidence Intervals


10. Hypothesis Tests Regarding a Parameter


11. Inference on Two Samples


12. Inference on Categorical Data


13. Comparing Three of More Means


14. Inference of the Least-Square Regression Model and Multiple Regression


15. Nonparametric Statistics


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