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Steel Structures: Design and Behavior, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition

By Charles G. Salmon, John E. Johnson, Faris A. Malhas

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Oct 6, 2008

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Strives to present in a logical manner the theoretical background needed for developing and explaining design requirements.  Beginning with coverage of background material, including references to pertinent research, the development of specific formulas used in the AISC Specifications is followed by a generous number of design examples explaining in detail the process of selecting minimum weight members to satisfy given conditions.

Table of Contents

 1. Introduction.

 2. Steels and Properties.

 3. Tension Members.

 4. Structural Fasteners.

 5. Welding.

 6. Compression Members.

 7. Beams: Laterally Supported.

 8. Torsion.

 9. Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Beams.

10. Continuous Beams.

11. Plate Girders.

12. Combined Bending and Axial Load.

13. Connections.

14. Frames–Braced and Unbraced.

15. Design of Rigid Frames.

16. Composite Steel–Concrete Construction.

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Steel Structures: Design and Behavior, CourseSmart eTextbook, 5th Edition
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