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Story of Human Development, The, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Debra Poole, Amye Warren, Narina Nunez

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 3, 2007

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For undergraduate courses in Lifespan Development


The Story of Human Development creates an engaging and original framework by integrating material on the typical individual's physical, cognitive, emotional, and social developments with how they might develop in different environmental contexts.


Faced with the challenge of authoring a text that could be current, scholarly, and comprehensive while also being readable and practical, authors Debra Poole, Amye Warren, and Narina Nuñez created The Story of Human Development 1.e, a far departure from the ordinary human development text. By organizing the text with each age bracket represented by a two-chapter pair, the authors are able to examine all aspects of the development process. With a narrative infused with the rich and diverse stories of people’s lives, compelling arrangement, unique connecting summaries, and a focus on guiding developmental principles, this text puts the science of human development into a framework that better explains and explores how a whole person develops within varying environmental contexts. 



Table of Contents

1.      Introduction to Human Development

2.      Heredity and Environment

3.      Prenatal Development and Birth

4.      Profile of the First Three Years

5.      Pathways Through the First three Years

6.      Profile of Early Childhood

7.      Pathways through Early Childhood

8.      Profile of Middle and Late Childhood

9.      Pathways through Middle and late Childhood

10.    Profile of Adolescence

11.    Pathways through Adolescence

12.    Profile of Early to Middle Adulthood

13.    Pathways through Early to Middle Adulthood

14.    Profile of Middle to Late Adulthood

15.    Pathways through Middle to Late Adulthood


 Epilogue: The End of Life

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Story of Human Development, The, CourseSmart eTextbook
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