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Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Alan R Andreasen, Philip T Kotler

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Sep 27, 2007

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For graduate courses in Nonprofit Marketing and Management.

This best-selling text focuses on the impact of nonprofit marketing in the social sector and the growing intersection between nonprofit management and the business world.

Table of Contents

SECTION I Developing a Customer Orientation
Chapter 1
The Growth and Development of Nonprofit Marketing
SECTION II Strategic Planning and Organization
Chapter 2
Developing a Customer-Centered Mindset
Chapter 3
Strategic Marketing Planning
Chapter 4
Understanding Consumer Behavior
Chapter 5
Acquiring and Using Marketing Information
Chapter 6
Segmentation, Positioning, and Branding
SECTION III  Designing the Marketing Mix
Chapter 8
Managing the Organization’s Offerings
Chapter 9
Developing and Launching New Offerings
Chapter 10
Managing Perceived Costs
Chapter 11
Facilitating Marketing Behaviors
Chapter 12
Formulating Communications Strategies
Chapter 13
Managing Communications: Advertising and Personal Persuasion
Chapter 14
Managing Public Media and Public Advocacy
SECTION IV Developing and Organizing Resources
Chapter 15
Generating Funds
Chapter 16
Attracting Human Resources: Staff, Volunteers, and Boards
Chapter 17
Working with the Private Sector
Section V Organizing and Controlling Marketing Strategies
Chapter 18
Organizing for Implementation
Chapter 19
Marketing Evaluation, Monitoring, and Control

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