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Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments, CourseSmart eTextbook, 11th Edition

By Roger Kerin, Robert Peterson

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Nov 10, 2006

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For courses in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Management, and Strategic Marketing.


The premier marketing strategy and management casebook in the world.

Table of Contents






Foundations of Strategic Marketing Management

Appendix: A Sample Marketing Plan

CHAPTER 2: Financial Aspects of Marketing Management

CHAPTER 3: Marketing Decision Making And Case Analysis

CHAPTER 4: Opportunity Analysis, Market Segmentation and Market Targeting

    Toucon Collections, Inc.

    Roger A. Kerin and Robert A. Peterson


    Zenith Pet Foods

    Roger A. Kerin


    Shoes for Moos, Inc.

    Kenneth G. Hardy and Herb MacKenzie


    Jones·Blair Company

    Roger A. Kerin


    Duncan Industries: Opportunities in

    the European Union

    Gordon H. G. McDougall


    Frito-Lay® Dips

    Roger A. Kerin and Jeanne Bertels


    South Delaware Coors, Inc.

    James E. Nelson and Eric J. Karson


CHAPTER 5: Product and Service Strategy And Brand Management


    Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.: Squirt® Brand

    Roger A. Kerin


    Zoëcon Corporation: Insect Growth Regulators

    Roger A. Kerin and Larry Smith


    Skin-Tique Corporation

    Roger A. Kerin


    Peace Memorial Hospital: Downtown Health Clinic

    Roger A. Kerin


    Procter & Gamble, Inc.: Scope

    Gordon H. G. McDougall and Franklin Ramsoomair


    Qingdao Haier Ltd.: Considering the Maytag Acquisition

    Roger A. Kerin


    Frito Lay Company: Cracker Jack

    Roger A. Kerin


CHAPTER 6: Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy and Management


    Crestfield Furniture Industries, Inc. (A)

    Roger A. Kerin


    Crestfield Furniture Industries, Inc. (B)

    Roger A. Kerin


    Cadbury Beverages, Inc.: CRUSH® Brand

    Roger A. Kerin


    Amber Inn & Suites, Inc.

    Roger A. Kerin


    Drypers Corporation: National Television Advertising Campaign

    Roger A. Kerin


    Craft Marine Corporation

    Roger A. Kerin and Robert A. Peterson


    Godiva Europe

    Jean-Jacques Lambin



CHAPTER 7: Marketing Channel Strategy And Management


    Hawaiian Punch

    Roger A. Kerin



    William H. Cunningham and John Silby Butler


    Swisher Mower and Machine Company: Evaluating a Private Brand Distribution Opportunity

    Roger A. Kerin and Wayne Swisher


    Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

    Roger A. Kerin


    Peak Garage Door, Inc.

    Roger A. Kerin


    Merton Industries: The Wholesale Distribution Decision

    Roger A. Kerin



CHAPTER 8: Pricing Strategy and Management


    EMI Group, PLC: CD Pricing in the Recorded Music Industry

    Roger A. Kerin


    Southwest Airlines

    Roger A. Kerin


    Superior Supermarkets: Everyday Low Pricing

    Roger A. Kerin


    Burroughs Wellcome Company: Retrovir

    Roger A. Kerin and Angela Bullard


    Virgin Mobile USA: Pricing for the Very First Time

    Gail McGovern


    Augustine Medical, Inc.: The Bair Hugger® Patient Warming System

    Roger A. Kerin, Michael Gilbertson, And William Rudelius


CHAPTER 9: Marketing Strategy Reformulation: The Control Process

    Robert A. Peterson


    Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc.: Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment

    Roger A. Kerin


    Marshant Museum of Art & History

    Roger A. Kerin


    Circle K Corporation

    Roger A. Kerin



CHAPTER 10: Comprehensive Marketing Programs


    Dexit —A Marketing Opportunity

    Sohail Lalani and Robin Richie


    Kingsford Charcoal

    Das Narayandas and Alison Berkley Wagonfeld


    Frito-Lay, Inc.: SunChips™ Multigrain Snacks

    Roger A. Kerin and Kenneth R. Lukaska


    Keurig At Home: Managing a New Product Launch

    Eric T. Anderson


    A.1. Steak Sauce: Lawry’s Defense

    Timothy Calkins


    CIMA Mountaineering, Inc.

    Lawrence M. Lamont


    Graneer Systems, Inc.: India Market Entry

    James E. Nelson



APPENDIX: Preparing a Written Case Analysis


    Republic National Bank of Dallas:

    NOW Accounts


    Student Analysis: Republic National

    Bank of Dallas: NOW Accounts


Glossary of Selected Marketing Terms and Concepts

Subject Index

Company and Brand Index








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