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Strategies and Models for Teachers: Teaching Content and Thinking Skills, 6th Edition

By Paul Eggen, Don Kauchak

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 7, 2011


This K-12 teaching methods text continues to focus on instruction, using a models approach that links prescriptive teaching strategies to specific content and thinking objectives.


 Well known for it's practical case-study approach, the Sixth Edition of Strategies and Models for Teachers opens each chapter with a case study that illustrates an instructional model in practice and translates cognitive principles of learning into teaching strategies. This edition is composed of two main parts. In Part I the first three chapters describe principles of cognitive learning and motivation theory, teaching strategies that apply to all grade levels, and the teaching of thinking. In Part II, the remaining chapters offer detailed coverage of the individual models, with each model designed to help learners reach specific cognitive, social, and critical thinking goals. With a focus on active learning, utilizing research, cognitive psychology, experience, and emphasizes the teacher's central role in the learning process teachers will find this an invaluable resource throughout their career.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Models of Teaching and Developing as a Teacher

Teachers make a difference

The need for instructional alternatives

Learning and teaching in today’s world

Decision making and reflective practice


Chapter 2: Learning, Motivation, and Models of Teaching

The importance of classroom climate

Cognitive learning theory

Learner motivation


Chapter 3: Essential Teaching Strategies and the Teaching of Thinking

Planning for instruction: An essential teaching strategy

Learning activities: Implementing essential teaching strategies

Essential teaching strategies and the teaching of thinking


Chapter 4: Student-Student Interaction Strategies: Groupwork, Cooperative Learning, and Discussions

Features of effective groupwork and cooperative learning

Groupwork strategies

Cooperative learning strategies

Discussion strategies

Cooperative learning and discussions in different learning environments


Chapter 5: The Guided Discovery Model

Content taught with the Guided Discovery Model

Planning lessons with the Guided Discovery Model

Implementing lessons using the Guided Discovery Model

Adapting the Guided Discovery model in different learning environments

Assessing student learning


Chapter 6: The Concept Attainment Model

Learning objectives for the Concept Attainment Model

Planning lessons with the Concept Attainment Model

Implementing lessons using the Concept Attainment Model

Adapting the Concept Attainment Model in different learning environments

Assessing student learning in Concept Attainment activities


Chapter 7: The Integrative Model

Learning goals for the Integrative Model

Planning lessons with the Integrative Model

Implementing lessons using the Integrative Model

Adapting the Integrative Model in different learning environments

Assessing student learning when the Integrative Model is used


Chapter 8: Problem-based Learning

Planning Problem-based Learning lessons

Implementing Problem-based Learning lessons


Adapting problem-based instruction in different learning environments

Assessing learning in problem-based activities


Chapter 9: The Direct Instruction Model

Planning lessons with the Direct Instruction Model

Implementing lessons using the Direct Instruction Model

Adapting the Direct Instruction Model in Different Learning Environments

Assessing student understanding when using the Direct Instruction Model


Chapter 10: The Lecture-Discussion Model

Lectures and lecture-discussions

Planning lessons using the Lecture-Discussion Model

Implementing Lecture-Discussion Model

Adapting the Lecture-Discussion Model in different learning contexts

Assessing learning when using the Lecture-Discussion Model







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