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Strategies for Teaching in the Content Areas: A Handbook for K-8 Teachers, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Marjorie J. Wynn

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 22, 2008

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Strategies for Teaching in the Content Areas provides pre-service, in-service, and student teachers a quick reference to over 200 classroom-tested and research-based  instructional strategies. These strategies, designed to actively involve students in learning, are organized by content areas for easy accessibility. Readers are also provided with examples of an integrated, cross-content, thematic approach to learning.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:    Introduction to Content Area Strategies: Theory and Practice

The Inspiration of Theory

The Wisdom of Experience

The Value of Differentiated Instruction

Inspiration from Unexpected Places

Selection of Strategies for CAS

 Chapter 2:    Reading

Best Practices in Reading

IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts

How Should You Teach Reading?

Pickle Picnic Reading Plan

Instructional Activities that Promote Comprehension

Progressive Reading Instruction

 Literature Selections for the Chapter

Genre:    Traditional Literature

Culture:  Asian (picture book)

Book:     Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Story from China


Genre:    Non-Fiction

Culture:  Native American

Book:     If You Lived with the Hopi


Genre:    Historical Fiction

Culture:  African American

Book:     I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly


Genre:    Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Culture:  European American

Book:     Bridge to Terabithia


Genre:    Modern Fantasy

Culture:  Jewish

Book:     The Devil’s Arithmetic 

Chapter 3:  Writing

Stages of Writing

IRA/NCTE Standards for the English Language Arts

How Should You Teach Writing?

Best Practices in Writing

Thematic, Literature-Based Writing

Personal Writing

Narrative Writing

Informational Writing

Persuasive Writing          


 Chapter 4:    Language Arts: Scaffolds, Skills, & Centers Overview

Listening:  Overview

Lit Links:  Overview

Grammar: Overview

Spelling: Overview

Handwriting: Overview

Chapter 5:  Social Studies

Curriculum Standards for Social Studies

Is Social Studies Destined to be Boring?

Best Practices in Social Studies

How Should You Teach Social Studies?

Civics and Government

Communities: Families, Cities, States, and Countries

Travel and Map Skills: Optional

Multicultural Diversity

Famous People Past & Present

Long, Long Ago: Medieval Times

Chapter 6:    Mathematics

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Differentiated Instruction

Math Quandaries

How Should Mathematics You Teach Mathematics?

Calculations and Computations

Fraction Action

Dollars and Cents:  Economics

Picture Perfect:  Geometry, Graphing, & Data Analysis

Measure Mania: Measurement & Data Analysis

Chapter 7: Science

National Science Education Standards

Science as an Inquiry Experience

Science as an Investigative Experience

Science as a Communication Experience

Scientific Misconceptions

How Should You Teach Science?

Instructional Guidelines

Thematic Integration

Tree-mendous Trees

Kittens and Kings

Weather Watch

Gateway Drugs

Hard Drugs

Chapter 8:  Mysteries across Content Areas

Encyclopedia Brown Boy Detective


The Missing ‘Gator of Gumbo Limbo

The House of Dies Drear

The Westing Game



Appendix A:  Activity Appendix

Appendix B:  Music Appendix

Appendix C:  Poetry Appendix

Appendix D:  Lesson Planning Appendix



Subject Index

Author/Title Index

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