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Struggle for Democracy, The, 9th Edition

By Edward S. Greenberg, Benjamin I. Page

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 15, 2008


This critical thinking approach to American government challenges students to evaluate the quality of democracy in America today within a unique framework that offers a holistic view of our system.


This unique text challenges students to think critically about American government and politics through the use of two compelling organizational themes. The first theme, “Using the Democracy Standard,” asks students to evaluate the health and vitality of American democracy today against a democratic ideal that is carefully defined in the first chapter, and revisited at the beginning and end of each subsequent chapter. The text's second theme, “Using the Framework,” offers students a tool for examining the political process at a variety of levels–from structural factors to political linkages, government institutions, and government policies–to help them consider how the interactions of these factors affect what government does (or doesn’t) do.  Both themes are revisited in each chapter, as well as woven throughout the narrative, and highlighted in new marginal critical thinking questions that challenge students to consider the impact of governmental policies and processes on democracy, and vice-versa.


The ninth edition of this best-selling text will be updated throughout with the results of the 2008 Presidential and Congressional election results and the latest political issues and events, as well as deeper discussions of social and economic policy and political parties and participation.


Table of Contents


1. Democracy and American Politics



2. The Constitution

3. Federalism: States and Nation

4. The Structural Foundations of American Government and Politics



5. Public Opinion

6. The News Media

7. Interest Groups and Business Corporations

8. Social Movements

9. Political Parties

10. Voting, Campaigns, and Elections



11. Congress

12. The Presidency

13. The Executive Branch

14. The Courts



15. Freedom: The Struggle for Civil Liberties

16. Civil Rights: The Struggle for Equality

17. The Budget and Economic Policy

18. Social Safety Nets

19. Foreign Policy and National Defense



The Declaration of Independence.

The Constitution of the United States.

The Federalist Papers Nos. 10, 51, and 78.

Presidents and Congresses, 1789-2009.

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