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Student Teaching and Field Experience Handbook, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Betty D. Roe, Elinor P. Ross, Sandy H. Smith

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 17, 2009

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For K-12 student teaching courses or field-based practicum.


Written for teacher candidates in all major fields of study and beginning teachers with limited classroom experience, this comprehensive handbook presents practical theory-based applications for a full range of teaching concerns that student teachers and practicum students have–from preparing to teach to the integration of instructional technology in the classroom. By effectively using vignettes, case studies, and activities, this text truly prepares students for teaching elementary and secondary level students. Designed for busy student teachers, the text has been reorganized to follow a logical framework filled with examples and resources teachers need in order to prepare for classrooms of their own, covers information needed during actual teaching and concludes with vital information for a person about to enter the teaching profession.


The seventh edition improves upon previous editions with the inclusion of: more complete coverage of available technology and ways to integrate technology into instruction; an online interactive activity and assessment forms to facilitate use for the students and to make the development of an electronic portfolio easier; more content related to current curricular concerns, expanded content on current issues and topics such as relating learning theory to teaching, dealing with diverse student populations, using literacy skills and strategies across the curriculum, developing thinking and study skills, and expanded coverage of legal and ethical issues; and features updated and revised content in all of the chapters.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents

Chapter 1

Orientation to Student Teaching and Field Experiences

Chapter 2

Relating Learning Theory to Instruction

Chapter 3

Collaborating with Other Educators and Interacting with Other School Personnel

Chapter 4

Dealing with Diverse Student Populations

Chapter 5

Creating a Learning Environment

Chapter 6

Planning for Instruction

Chapter 7

Using Instructional Strategies

Chapter 8

Developing Thinking and Study Skills

Chapter 9

Developing and Using Literacy and Other Language Arts Strategies Across the Curriculum

Chapter 10

Supporting the Curriculum Through Computer Resources

Chapter 11

Supporting the Curriculum Through Other Media and Instructional Resources

Chapter 12

Using Assessment Strategies

Chapter 13

Investigating Legal and Ethical Issues

Chapter 14

Becoming a Professional Educator

Appendix A

Assessment Instruments

Appendix B

Sample Unit and Lesson Plans

Appendix C

Sample WebQuests

Selected References


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