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Study Abroad: How to Get the Most Out of Your Experience

By Michele-Marie Dowell, Kelly P. Mirsky

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 11, 2002

Table of Contents


Unit 1. Personal Development.

Exercise 1: The Choice to Study Abroad.Exercise 2: Establishing Personal Goals for Study Abroad.
Unit 2. Learning about Your Own Culture.

Exercise 3: What Does It Mean To Be An American?
Unit 3. Learning about Another Culture.

Exercise 4: Researching Historical, Political, and Cultural Information About Your Host Site.Exercise 5: Understanding the Difference between Fact and Opinion in the Context of other Cultures.Exercise 6: Introduction to On-Site Journaling.
Unit 4. Professional Development.

Exercise 7: Establishing Professional Goals for Study Abroad.Exercise 8: The Resume and Job Interview.Exercise 9: The Professional Interest Project.
Unit 5. Learning Another Language.

Exercise 10: Establishing Language-Learning Goals for Study Abroad.Exercise 11: Identifying Possible Roadblocks to Achieving Language-Learning Goals.Exercise 12: Jump-Starting your Language-Learning Experience.


Unit 6. Personal Development.

Exercise 13: Being a Foreigner.Exercise 14: Working through Culture Shock.Exercise 15: Fitting In While Pursuing Personal Goals.
Unit 7. Learning about Your Own Culture.

Exercise 16: Proud to Be an American?
Unit 8. Learning about Another Culture.

Exercise 17: Updating Political, Historical, and Cultural Information about Your Host Site.Exercise 18: Cross-Cultural Observations Through Journal Writing.Exercise 19: Cross-Cultural Activities.
Unit 9. Professional Development.

Exercise 20: Professional Interest Project: Successes and Challenges.Exercise 21: Professional Adaptation and Problem Solving Skills.
Unit 10. Language Acquisition.

Exercise 22: Language Journal.


Unit 11. Personal Development.

Exercise 23: Fitting your New Self into an Old Environment: Coping with Re-Entry Shock.Exercise 24: Maintaining Traditions From Your Experience.
Unit 12. Learning about Your Own Culture.

Exercise 25: Reminiscing, Sharing, and Educating Others.
Unit 13. Learning about Another Culture.

Exercise 26: A Final Look at Political, Historical, and Cultural Information about Your Host Site.Exercise 27: A Private Journal Critique—What Did You Study?Exercise 28: A Private Journal Critique—Where Did Problems Arise?Exercise 29: A Private Journal Critique—Contexts of Communication.Exercise 30: Staying Internationalized and Sharing Your Experiences with Others.
Unit 14. Professional Development.

Exercise 31: Professional Goals Attainment.Exercise 32: Critically Examining Your Professional Interest Project.Exercise 33: Using Your Professional Interest Project within a Professional Network.
Unit 15. Learning Another Language.

Exercise 34: Creating a Language Resource.Exercise 35: Maintaining and Further Developing Your Language Skills.Exercise 36: Sharing Your Language Learning with Others.Appendix 1: Implementation Tips for the Study Abroad Administrator/Faculty Director.Appendix 2: My Contact Information Abroad.Appendix 3: Address Book.Appendix 4: Packing List.Appendix 5: Money Matters.Appendix 6: Taking Care of Personal Business.Appendix 7: Extracurricular Travel Plans.Appendix 8: Journal Pages.


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