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Supporting Learning with Technology: Essentials of Classroom Practice, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Joy L. Egbert

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 7, 2008

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The main focus of this text is on pedagogical goals and student learning first, and then on presenting technology as something that may help teachers and learners reach those goals.  The emphasis in this text is essential for effective technology-enhanced teaching and learning.  Each chapter includes a brief summary of research from educational technology, learning theory, and other areas to build a foundation for chapter examples and activities.  In addition, this text integrates, both explicitly and implicitly, the learning of all students in every chapter.  Not only does this support culturally responsive teaching but it emphasizes teacher responsiveness to all learners.  This is a crucial aspect of learning and reflection for all teacher education students.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1    Understanding Classroom Learning and Technology Use

                    Overview of Learning and Technology

                    Students and Technology

                    Teachers and Technology

                    Guidelines for Using Educational Technology

                    Technology-Enhanced Learning Activities

                    Technologies for Supporting Learning


                    Technology-Supported Lesson Example


Chapter 2    Supporting Student Content Learning

                    Overview of Content Learning and Technology in K-12 Classrooms

                    The Technology-Supported Content Learning Process

                    Guidelines for Supporting Student Technology-Enhanced Content Learning

                    Content Learning Technologies

                    Learning Activities:  Content Learning

                    Assessing Content Learning:  Scoring Guides

                    Sample Lesson:  Content Learning

Chapter 3    Supporting Communication

                    Overview of Communication and Technology in K-12 Classrooms

                    The Technology-Supported Communication Process

                    Teachers and Technology-Supported Communication

                    Guidelines for Supporting Communication with Technology

                    Communication Technologies

                    Learning Activities:  Communication Tasks

                    Assessing Communication Tasks:  Rubrics

                    Sample Lesson:  Communication

Chapter 4    Supporting Student Critical Thinking

                    Overview of Critical Thinking and Technology in K-12 Classrooms

                    The Critical Thinking Process

                    Guidelines for Supporting Student Critical Thinking with Technology

                    Critical Thinking Technologies

                    Technology-Supported Learning Activities:  Critical Thinking

                    Assessing Critical Thinking With and Through Technology

                    Sample Lesson:  Critical Thinking

Chapter 5    Supporting Student Creativity

                    Overview of Creativity and Technology in K-12 Classrooms

                    The Creative Thinking Process

                    Guidelines for Supporting Student Creativity with Technology

                    Creativity Technologies

                    Learning Activities:  Creativity

                    Assessing Learner Creativity

                    From the Classroom:  Technology and Assessment 

                    Sample Lesson:  Creativity

Chapter 6    Supporting Problem-Solving

                    Overview of Technology-Supported Problem-Solving in K-12 Classrooms

                    The Problem-Solving Process

                    Guidelines for Technology-Supported Problem-Solving

                    Problem-Solving and Inquiry Technologies

                    Learning Activities:  Problem-Solving and Inquiry

                    Assessing Learner Problem-Solving and Inquiry

                    Sample Lesson:  Problem-Solving

Chapter 7    Supporting Student Production

                    Overview of Technology-Supported Production in K-12 Classrooms

                    The Production Process

                    Guidelines for Supporting Student Technology-Enhanced Production

                    Productivity Technologies

                    Learning Activities:  Production Projects

                    Sample Lesson:  Production

Chapter 8    Supporting Student eLearning

                    Overview of eLearning in K-12 Environments

                    Processes Involved in eLearning

                    Teachers and eLearning

                    Guidelines for Supporting Student eLearning

                    eLearning Technologies

                    Learning Activities:  eLearning

                    Assessing eLearning

                    Sample Lesson:  eLearning


Chapter 9    Supporting Teacher Development

                    Overview of Professional Development in Technology-Supported Learning

                    The Technology PD Process

                    Guidelines for Working Toward Effective PD

                    Teacher Tools for Technology-Supported Learning

                    Learning Activities:  Professional Development

                    Assessing Professional Development

                    PD Plan Example

Chapter 10    Supporting Learner Futures

                    Overview of Future Trends and Educational Technology

                    Guidelines for Supporting Students in the Technology-Enhanced Future

                    Trends in Tools and Tool Use

                    Activities to Prepare Learners for the Future

                    Assessing Student Preparedness for the Future

                    Sample Lesson:  The Future




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