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Sustainable Facility Management: Operational Strategies for Today, CourseSmart eTextbook

By John Fennimore

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Apr 30, 2013

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Appropriante for course in Plant and Facilities Planning, Sustainable / Green Construction and Construction Methods and Materials.


Sustainable Facility Management is written for those who not only want to obtain a thorough understanding of the methods, skills, and equipment used in the art of facility management, but also seek firsthand knowledge on how to manage effectively in a changing world. Embracing multiple subject areas, the book can easily be used as the main text for a capstone course of a facility management degree program. For facility managers, the all-encompassing nature of the work makes it an excellent “how to” guide for sustainable practice. The text’s emphasis on the practical operational aspects of sustainable facility management also makes it well suited to deliver the instruction necessary for the operational course in a package of offerings for a certificate in sustainable management. The book contains topics that are absolutely essential for sustainable facilities, some of which are not covered in any other textbook. Chapter questions, assignments, a plethora of photos and diagrams make it a unique choice for facility management instruction. Also unique to the book are the questions and assignments after each chapter, providing a challenge for the students and a way to reinforce their learning.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1            Facility Types and Management Methods 

Chapter 2            Sustainable Maintenance Operations               

Chapter 3            Outsourcing Services                               

Chapter 4            Financial Management and Control               

Chapter 5            Construction Management and Sustainable Design 

Chapter 6            Emergency Management, Fire Prevention, and Security               

Chapter 7            Facility and Global Environmental Management               

Chapter 8            Building Systems and Controls               

Chapter 9            Major Building Equipment and Subsystems               

Chapter 10          Energy Management and Renewable Energy               

Chapter 11          Building Site and Interior Management               

Chapter 12          Green Building Construction               

Chapter 13          Strategic Planning and Project Financial Analysis





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Sustainable Facility Management: Operational Strategies for Today, CourseSmart eTextbook
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