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Swine Science, CourseSmart eTextbook, 7th Edition

By Palmer J. Holden, M. E. Ensminger

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jun 6, 2005

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For introductory courses in swine science found in the animal science department.


This book meets the needs of anyone interested in today’s swine industry. This new edition continues to present readers with a comprehensive, yet practical overview of all phases of the swine industry. Fully updated, reorganized and revised, the seventh edition of this book provides readers with a comprehensive resource for understanding and being competitive in the pork production industry today.


The revised order of the chapters develops the book from an historical perspective and a foundation of statistical data on the importance of the pork industry.


Chapters on genetics and nutrition have been divided into basic and applied chapters, allowing students the opportunity to both understand the science and to move into practical applications of the principles learned.


The new edition includes the biology, production, processing and business aspects of swine. It covers large-scale commercial production as well as small-scale producers and sustainable production.

Table of Contents



 1. History and Development of the U. S. Swine Industry.

 2. World and U. S. Swine and Pork Past, Present, and Future.

 3. Breeds of Swine.




 4. Principles of Swine Genetics.

 5. Applied Swine Genetics.

 6. Fundamentals of Swine Nutrition.

 7. Nutrient Requirements and Allowances, Diet Formulation, and Feeding Programs.

 8. Alternative Feeds, Additives, and Feeding Management.

 9. Grains and Other High-Energy Feedstuffs.

10. Protein and Amino Acid Feedstuffs for Swine.

11. Forages and Pasture Production.

12. Reproduction in Swine.

13. Swine Behavior and Their Environment.

14. Swine Health.




15. Swine Production and Management.

16. Manure and Environmental Management.

17. Buildings and Equipment.

18. Fitting and Showing Swine.




19. Marketing Hogs.

20. Pork and Pork By-Products.

21. Business Aspects of Swine Production.




22. Feed Composition Tables.





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