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Tappan's Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques, 5th Edition

By Patricia J. Benjamin

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 2, 2009


This pioneering book in massage therapy provides basic information on the art and science of effective healing massage techniques in quick-learn, easy-to-understand terms. Whether you're a licensed massage therapy practitioner, health related professional, or just interested in basic massage therapy techniques, this is the book for you! The authors carefully examine the foundations of healing massage, western massage techniques, contemporary massage including myofascial techniques, trigger points, lymphatic drainage massage, foot reflexology, Asian bodywork therapy and applications of massage. New to the fifth edition are Practice Sequences that are step-by-step suggested example applications of the techniques described in the book.  Each Practice Sequence is demonstrated in full, vibrant detail on the DVD that accompanies this text. So that readers can track their progress, the DVD, as well as Appendix D, provides Performance Evaluation Forms for every Practice Sequence.

Table of Contents





 Brief Contents


 Part I  Foundations

Chapter 1 Healing Massage–A Wellness Perspective  

Chapter 2 A History of Massage  

Chapter 3 The Effects and Benefits of Massage  

Chapter 4 Clinical Applications of Massage  

Chapter 5 Endangerment Sites, Contraindications, Cautions  

Chapter 6 Guidelines for Giving Massage  

Part II Western Massage

Chapter 7 Western Massage Techniques  

Chapter 8 Joint Movements  

Chapter 9 Full-Body Western Massage  

Chapter 10 Regional Applications of Massage–Upper Body  

Chapter 11 Regional Applications of Massage–Lower Body  

Chapter 12 Hydrotherapy/Thermal Therapy  

Part III Contemporary Massage and bodywork

Chapter 13 Myofascial Massage   

Chapter 14 Trigger Point Therapy  

Chapter 15 Lymphatic Facilitation  

Chapter 16 Reflexology  

Chapter 17 Polarity Therapy  

Part IV Forms of Asian Bodywork

Chapter 18 Asian Bodywork Therapy–Theory  

Chapter 19 Acupressure Massage Integration  

Chapter 20 Qi Gong for Self-Care  

Part V Special Populations

Chapter 21 Sports and Fitness  

Chapter 22 Mother and Child   

Chapter 23 Healthy Aging  

Chapter 24 Terminally Ill and Dying  

Chapter 25 Seated Massage in the Workplace  


Appendix A      25 Forms of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork  

Appendix B      Organizations and Publications  

Appendix C      Massage Licensing Laws in North America  

Appendix D      Performance Evaluation Forms   

Appendix E      Health History Forms  

Appendix F      List of Figures and Tables  

Appendix G      References and Additional Resources  

Interactive Glossary