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Teacher's Guide to Preventing Behavior Problems in the Elementary Classroom, A

By Stephen W. Smith, Mitchell L. Yell

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 1, 2012


This guide includes straightforward, feasible, and evidence-based strategies designed to prevent behavior problems in K-5 classrooms and encourages teachers to be proactive in classroom management. Its emphasis on preventing behavior problems before they occur enables teachers to run their classrooms more efficiently and experience less frustration, while also increasing students learning. Chapters are devoted to organization and structure, effective instruction, prevention and intervention techniques, responding to student misbehavior and relationship building. Using real-life classroom scenarios, this guide equips teachers with management techniques that break the common cycle of frustration, aggression, rejection, and hostility, so they can create positive classroom environments.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1         Preventing Behavior Problems:The Foundation for Classroom Management


Chapter 2         Creating a Positive Classroom Environment (with T. Rowand Robinson)


Chapter 3         Structuring and Organizing the Classroom


Chapter 4         Understanding and Fostering Teacher–Student Relationships to Prevent                                        

                                 Behavior Problems (Christopher L. Van Loan and Mike Marlowe)


Chapter 5         Conducting Meetings in the Classroom


Chapter 6         Preventing Problem Behavior Through Effective Teaching (with R. Allan Allday)


Chapter 7         Using Specific Prevention and Intervention Techniques


Chapter 8         Responding to Problem Behavior in the Classroom


Chapter 9         Providing Students with Skills to Independently Make Wise Behavioral Choices                              

                                 (with Erika Nicsinger)


Chapter 10       Putting It All Together