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Teaching Children Science: A Discovery Approach, CourseSmart eTextbook, 8th Edition

By Donald A. DeRosa, Joseph A. Abruscato

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 1, 2014


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For courses in K-8 Science Methods.


The Eighth Edition of Teaching Children Science provides comprehensive coverage of elementary science methods focusing on “what to teach” and “how to teach it.”  Using Abruscato’s well known “discovery approach”, the book includes all three major components of teaching science—methods, content, and activities—organized in a format that allows teachers ultimate flexibility. 


Organized in four parts, the first nine chapters of the book deal with the major topics that shape what teachers will teach and how they will teach it (the methods.)  In Parts Two Through Four the Methods, Content, and Activities for Teaching Science and Technology Units are addressed. Each part opens with an introduction that provides background information about the field of science at hand: the earth/space sciences (Part Two), the life sciences (Part Three), or the physical sciences (Part Four).


New to this Edition:

  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are integrated throughout the book.
  • Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are addressed in Chapter 7’s discussion of integrating science with other disciplines.
  • Users of previous editions will notice restructuring of chapters 3 and 4 to better unify theory and practice as well as a new lesson example that models how the NGSS might inform lesson planning.

Table of Contents

Part One Strategies and Techniques    

¿B>  Chapter 1        Using Science to Teach Thinking

¿nbsp; Chapter 2        Constructing Knowledge and Discovering Meaning: How Children Learn Science    

¿B>  Chapter 3        Science Practices and Inquiry Process Skills    

¿B>  Chapter 4        Planning and Managing   

¿B>  Chapter 5        Strategies and QuickChecks    

¿B>  Chapter 6        Assessment of Understanding and Inquiry    

¿B>  Chapter 7        Integrating Science    

¿B>  Chapter 8        Using Technology to Enhance Science Learning    

¿B>  Chapter 9        Adapting the Science Curriculum   

Part Two   The Earth/Space Sciences    

¿nbsp; Chapter 10      Earth’s Surface, Atmosphere, and Weather    

¿B>  Chapter 11      The Cosmos    

¿nbsp; Chapter 12      Earth/Space Science Lesson Ideas    

Part Three   The Life Sciences    

¿nbsp; Chapter 13      Living Things    

¿nbsp; Chapter 14      The Human Body    

¿nbsp; Chapter 15      Life Sciences Lesson Ideas    

Part Four   The Physical Sciences    

¿nbsp; Chapter 16      Matter and Motion    

¿nbsp; Chapter 17      Energies and Machines    

¿B>  Chapter 18      Physical Science Lesson Ideas    

¿B>  For the Teacher’s Desk    

Your Classroom Enrichment Handbook    

Your Science Source Address Book   

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