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Teaching Children Science: Discovery Methods for Elementary and Middle Grades, 3rd Edition

By Joseph A. Abruscato, Donald A. DeRosa

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 20, 2009


What specific strategies and techniques will help foster discovery learning?  The new edition of Teaching Children Science: Discovery Methods for the Elementary and Middle Grades provides the answers to that question.


This truncated volume is composed of the first nine chapters from Teaching Children Science:  A Discovery Approach, Seventh Edition.  Like the larger text on which it is based, it takes a constructivist approach to learning and it is written with the same engaging writing style.  This brief book of strategies and techniques will help pre-service teachers learn to plan meaningful lessons and units and manage an inquiry-based classroom.  The authors suggest productive ways to use the Internet and other technologies in the classroom to enhance learning.  Integrating science across the curriculum is also discussed as well as the NSE Standards.  Like the larger book, it covers the strategies and techniques for teachers to incorporate cooperative learning, questioning, and active listening in their classrooms.


Readers of this book will become teachers who can create classrooms where children look forward to science time as a wonderful opportunity to learn!


Table of Contents


Strategies and Techniques

1    Inquiry: The Path, Discovery: The Destination

2    Constructing Knowledge and Discovering Meaning

3    The Inquiry Process Skills

4    Planning and Managing

5    Strategies and QuickChecks

6    Assessment of Understanding and Inquiry

7    Integrating Science

8    NEW -- Using Technology to Enhance Science Learning

9    Adapting the Science Curriculum