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Teaching Children to Write

By Jane B. Hughey, Charlotte Slack

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 17, 2000

Table of Contents

 1. Set the Stage for Writing.

 2. Thematic Units and Lesson Plans.

 3. Writing Assessment.

 4. Grammar through Writing.

 5. Revise and Publish.

 6. Ideas into Words.

 7. Expressive Writing.

 8. Literary Writing.

 9. Poetry.

10. Informative Writing.

11. Argument and Persuasion.

12. Report Writing.

Appendix A: MI Inventory for Adults.

Appendix B: Checklist for Assessing Students' Multiple Intelligences.

Appendix C: Sensory Character Illustrations.

Appendix D: Ways of Organizing Groups.

Appendix E: Suggestions for Lesson Focus.

Appendix F: Assignment Definitions.

Appendix G: Sager's Writing Scale.

Appendix H: Composition Profile.

Appendix I: For the Preservice Teacher: A Checklist for Persuasive Writing.

Appendix J: 140 Things to Wonder About.

Appendix K: Visual Aids for Research Reports.

Appendix L: Research Paper Procedures.


Teaching Children to Write

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