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Teaching in America, 5th Edition

By George S. Morrison

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 13, 2008


Teaching in America, 5/e, is a hands-on, practical text that provides preservice teachers with comprehensive and current information about teaching in today’s diverse American classrooms.


The Fifth Edition promises to be the most dynamic and practical to date. With a complete redesign; a host of new research, features, and exercises; as well as a new feature box designed specifically to show pre-service teachers how use observation effectively, this text is sure to draw attention beyond its steady and loyal base. Its “working-text” style continues to provide preservice teachers with extensive opportunities to interact with the text while establishing both the foundations of American education and a clear picture of the realities of contemporary teaching. Its increased emphasis on accountability woven throughout the text and the marginal references to INTASC standards raise the readers’ awareness of key initiatives in education in the 21st century.

Table of Contents

Part One: Teachers and Schools


Ch. 1: What it Means to Be a Teacher


What Makes a Good Teacher?

How Are Teachers Held Accountable Today?

What Do Teachers Do?

Why Do Teachers Teach?

How Is Teaching Changing?


Ch. 2: Teaching as a Profession


Why Choose Teaching as Your Profession?
What Are The Dimensions of Professionalism and Why Are They Important?

How Do You Develop a Philosophy of Education?

What Opportunities Exist for Professional Development?

How Are Reform Movements Changing Teacher Education?

Who Are Today’s Teachers?

What Job Opportunities Do You Have As A Teacher?


Part 2: Students, Families, and Communities


Ch. 3: How Schools Are Organized and Connected to Communities

What is the Purpose of Schooling?

How Are Public Schools Organized?

What Is It Like to Teach in Urban, Rural, and Suburban Schools?


C    Ch. 4: Teaching Diverse Learners I: Multiculturalism and Gender in Today’s Classrooms

America --  A Nation of Diverse Learners

How Do Racial and Ethnic Diversity Affect Teaching and Learning?

What is Multicultural Education?

How Does Language Influence Teaching and Learning?

How Does Gender Affect Teaching and Learning? 


Ch. 5: Teaching Diverse Learners II: Academically Diverse Learners in Today’s Classrooms

Do Federal and State Law Provide for the Education of Exceptional Learners?

What Are Mainstreaming and Inclusion?

How Can Professional Collaboration Enhance Education in Inclusive Classrooms?

How Can You Teach Exceptional Learners in Your Classroom?

What Factors Place Students at Risk and Affect Teaching and Learning?

What Can Schools Do to Help Students At Risk?


Ch. 6: Partners in Learning: Parents, Families, and the Community

How Do Parents, Families, and Communities Influence Teaching and Learning?

What Are Family —Centered Programs?

What Is Parent Involvement?

What Educational Reforms Are Promoting Greater Parent Empowerment?

How Can You Use the Community to Teach?


Part 3: Foundations of American Education


Ch. 7: The Politics of American Education

What Forces Influence School Governance and Finance?

How Is Education Governed?

How Are Schools Held Accountable?

How Are Schools Governed and Administered?

How Is Education Funded?

What Issues of Governance and Finance Affect Education Today?


Ch. 8: Education and School Law

What Is the Basis of School Law?

What Are the Legal Responsibilities of States and School Districts?

What Are Your Legal Responsibilities as a Teacher?

What Are Your Legal Rights as a Teacher?

What Are Students’ Legal Rights?

What Are Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities?


Ch. 9: Historical and Philosophical Influences on Teaching and Learning

What Was Schooling Like in the American Colonies?

How Did Nationhood Change American Education?

How Did American Education Change after the Civil War?

How Did American Education Change after World War II?

How Is Philosophy Relevant for Classroom Teachers?

How Do the Branches of Philosophy Relate to Education

What Are the Major Philosophies of Education

What are the Implications of Philosophies of Education for You and Your Students?


Part 4: Assessing and Fostering Teaching and Learning


Ch. 10: Standards, Assessment, and Accountability in Education Today

How Are Standards Changing Teaching and Learning?

How is Standards-Based Education Affecting Teaching and Learning?

How is Testing Changing Teaching and Learning?


Ch. 11: Teaching in Schools Today

What is the Role of Curriculum in Education?

What Is the Contemporary Curriculum Like?

How Do Teachers Plan and Deliver Instruction?

What Are Some Models of Direct Instruction?

What Are Some Models of Nondirect Instruction?

Curriculum Influences for the Twenty-First Century

What Works in the Classroom?


Ch. 1    Ch. 12: Technology, Teaching, and Learning

What is Technology?

What is Technological Literacy?

How Has Technology Changed Teaching and learning?

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Learning?

What Is Considered Responsible Use of Technology?


Ch. 13: Your First Year as a Teacher 

What Can You Do to Prepare for Teaching?

How Can You Find Your First Teaching Position?

How Can You Benefit from Beginning Teacher Programs?

How Can You Survive and Grow in Your First Year?

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Teaching in America, 5th Edition

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