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Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools, CourseSmart eTextbook, 10th Edition

By Jioanna Carjuzaa, Richard D. Kellough

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 8, 2012

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Core text for Middle and Secondary Methods.


Now in its tenth edition, Teaching in the Middle and Secondary Schools remains an influential text for pre-service teachers studying middle and secondary school teaching methods. Written by an expert on multicultural education, diversity and cultural differences among students are thematically integrated throughout this text and applied to all areas of study. Containing activities that focus on student-centered learning, real life scenarios that apply critical teaching skills, and in-chapter exercises and end-of-chapter activities, this text is both practical and applicable as a valuable instructional text and future resource for professionals. The new tenth edition is tech savvy and updated, including a greater focus on middle school teaching methods and curriculum, twenty-first century skills, and analysis of student assessment and achievement.

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Middle and Secondary Schools

Chapter 1: Middle and Secondary Schools in the Past: Purpose, Organization, Structure, and Reform   

Chapter 2: Middle and Secondary Schools Today and Tomorrow: Reform Efforts, Challenges and Issues, and Trends and Practices

Chapter 3: Middle and Secondary School Students: Addressing Cultural Diversity 


Part II: Planning for Instruction

Chapter 4: Establishing and Maintaining a Safe and Supportive Classroom Learning Environment          

Chapter 5: Selecting Content and Preparing Instructional Objectives     

Chapter 6: Course Syllabi, Instructional Units, and Curriculum Integration 


Part III: Selecting and Implementing Instructional Strategies

Chapter 7: Designing Lesson and Unit Plan to Engage All Students

Chapter 8: Student-Centered Instructional Strategies                

Chapter 9: Teacher-Centered Instructional Strategies   

Chapter 10: Printed Materials and Visual Displays, Resources, Networks and Educational Technology, Media Tools, and Computer-based Instructional Tools


Part IV: Assessment of Teaching and Learning

Chapter 11: Assessing and Reporting Student Achievement      

Chapter 12: Reflecting on Teaching Practices and Engaging in Professional Development           



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Subject Index

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