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Teaching in the Real World: Stategies to Survive and Thrive, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Daniel Zukergood, Anne Marie Bettencourt

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 3, 2008

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“How can we best prepare teachers to meet the challenges of teaching in today’s urban, suburban and rural schools?”


For courses in Urban Education, Introduction to Teaching, Student Teaching, and General Methods Teaching in the Real World: Strategies to Survive and Thrive is here to help. Readers will not want to put down this brief collection of reflective journal entries sent via e-mail by Miss B a white, female, graduate student doing her student teaching in an urban high school to her college supervisor Professor Z. Miss B’s journal entries  illustrate her transformation from a passionate but struggling student teacher who is sometimes stymied by the challenges posed by her environment and her students to a teacher who has found her voice and the confidence to achieve her dream of improving the lives of her students.

Table of Contents

Pre-Student Teaching Reflections:  The Day Before My Practicum Starts


Week One

Day 1:    Josh - My First Day of Student Teaching (What They Don't Teach in Behavior Management Courses)

Day 2:    The Moat:  Funding (Or the Lack Of) in Urban Schools

Day 3:    Covering Your Butt and Covering the Material

Day 4:    Black Man, White Man, Don't Give a Damn

Day 5:    Good Luck Miss B!

Discussion Starters for Week One

Professor Z's Student Teaching Checklist:  Getting Your Act Together

Week Two

Day 1:    Lessons After School

Day 2:    Writing Right

Day 3:    Miss, Why Are You So Mean?

Day 4:    The "Tag Team" and "The Buzz"

Day 5:    Standardized Testing Stinks!

Discussion Starters for Week Two

Professor Z's Student Teaching Checklist:  Getting Your Class Together

Week Three

Day 1:    Discipline:  All for One and One for All?

Day 2:    Low Budget Learning

Day 3:    My First Observation:  Da Bomb!

Day 4:    Central High's Police State

Day 5:    Tag Team's Back Again!

Discussion Starters for Week Three

Professor Z's Student Teaching Checklist:  Classroom Management

Week Four

Day 1:    Teaching Without Resources

Day 2:    I (Used To) Love Discussions

Day 3:    Who ARE You?  Who am I?

Day 4:    To Group or Not to Group:  That Is the Question

Day 5:    Rebellion

Discussion Starters for Week Four

Professor Z's Student Teaching Checklist:  Effective Teaching Methods

Week Five

Day 1:    My Second Observation:  Still Da Bomb!

Day 2:    Stickers?!

Day 3:    We Are Our Students

Day 4:    Go Ahead and Make My Day

Day 5:    I (Used To) Love Fridays

Discussion Starters for Week Five

Professor Z's Student Teaching Checklist:  Things to Remember to Do Throughout the Placement

Week Six

Day 1:    Ninth Grade Goofballs

Day 2:    This is MY Class!

Day 3:    The Way It Is and the Way It Ought to Be

Day 4:    Helping Students Create Life Goals

Day 5:    Success is 80% Attitude

Discussion Starters for Week Six

Professor Z's Student Teaching Checklist:  Teaching in Urban Schools

Week Seven

Day 1:    My Last Week: Time to Fly or Time to Die?

Day 2:    Living in the City?

Day 3:    Student Feedback Rocks

Day 4:    Final Observation:  Miss B at the Plate - Bases Loaded, Two Out, Full Count

Day 5:    My Last Day of Student Teaching

Discussion Starters for Week Seven

Professor Z's Student Teaching Checklist:  Post Student Teaching Activities



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