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Teaching Reading and Writing: The Developmental Approach

By Shane Templeton, Kristin Gehsmann

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 25, 2013


Teaching Reading and Writing: The Developmental Approach is a comprehensive yet accessible guide to the tools and knowledge pre-service and experienced teachers need to teach literacy in a developmentally-responsive and integrated way—while meeting the diverse needs of students in today’s classrooms. Using a conversational tone to present a wealth of critical content, the book helps readers connect theory to practice through vignettes and sample lessons from real classrooms; authentic student work samples; ideas for using and integrating print-based and digital texts across the curriculum; and tools for organizing and managing a comprehensive, developmentally-responsive literacy program.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Foundations of Literacy Instruction         1

Chapter 2: Language, Thought, and Literacy Development         32

Chapter 3: Effective Literacy Instruction: Principles and Practices         71

Chapter 4: Prioritizing Student-Centered Assessment and Instruction         112

Chapter 5: Foundations of Language and Literacy Instruction for English Learners         153

Chapter 6: Emergent Literacy: Engaging the World of Print, Developing Oral Language, and Vocabulary         173

Chapter 7: Beginning Conventional Reading and Writing         219

Chapter 8: Transitional Reading and Writing         270

Chapter 9: Intermediate Reading and Writing         315

Chapter 10: Skillful Literacy         364

Chapter 11: Response to Instruction: Intervention and Acceleration for Readers Who Struggle         414


Teaching Reading and Writing: The Developmental Approach

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