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Teaching Secondary Mathematics: Techniques and Enrichment Units, CourseSmart eTextbook, 9th Edition

By Alfred S. Posamentier, Beverly S. Smith

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 20, 2014


A current look at effective methods for teaching mathematics, plus lesson units and ideas for ensuring comprehension


This book combines methods of teaching mathematics, including all aspects and responsibilities of the job, with a collection of enrichment units appropriate for the entire secondary school curriculum spectrum to give teachers alternatives for making professional judgments about their teaching performance–and ensuring effective learning.


The book is divided into two parts designed to ensure effective teaching and learning


  • (Part I) A focus on the job of teaching mathematics includes:
    • An overview of the history of math education.
    • Invaluable help for designing rich and effective daily lesson plans.
    • Discussion of a variety of instructional tools and strategies designed to help teachers raise the bar for, and reach all of the students in their classrooms.
    • A variety of approaches to problem solving, from its instructional underpinnings to its recreational and motivational aspects.
    • A discussion of the professional responsibilities of mathematics teachers.
  • (Part II) Enrichment activities appropriate for the entire secondary school curriculum:
    • Each unit includes objectives, provides a means for pre-assessment, and then provides an in-depth description of the subject so that a reader unfamiliar with the topic can easily learn it.
    • Included are suggestions for teaching the topic to a secondary school class.
    • A post-assessment is provided to help determine the level of learning of the topic taught.
    • A subject matter cross-index is provided at the beginning of the section to enable teachers to select units by topic and grade level.


Both the Common Core State Standards and The National Council of teachers of Mathematics Principles and Standards for School Mathematics are referred to throughout the book.


The new Ninth Edition features an alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), with special focus on the mathematical practices, an updated technology chapter that shows how current tools and software can be used for teaching mathematics, and an updated chapter on assessment showing show to provide targeted feedback to advance the learning of every student.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

1 The Challenge of Teaching

2 Long-Range and Short

3 Teaching More Effective Lessons

4 The Role of Problem Solving

5 Using Technology to Enhance

6 Assessment

7 Enriching Mathematics Instruction

8 Extracurricular Activities in Mathematics

Enrichment Units for the Secondary School Classroom

Appendix Additional Exercises



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