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Teaching Today's Health, CourseSmart eTextbook, 10th Edition

By David Anspaugh, Gene Ezell

Published by Benjamin Cummings

Published Date: Mar 5, 2012

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Teaching Today’s Health, Tenth Edition, balances comprehensive theory chapters with a wealth of effective classroom activities to give students the tools they need to become successful health educators.


This book’s strong background and depth in teaching prepares the student for the challenges of today’s teaching environment. The Tenth Edition includes expanded coverage of bullying and obesity, a significantly updated nutrition chapter, more technology coverage, and the new Creativity in the Classroom feature. Priced significantly less than other books in the market, this attractive two-color book provides a great value to students.

Table of Contents

1. The Need for Health Education

2. The Role of the Teacher in Coordinated School Health Programs

3. Planning for Health Instruction

4. Strategies for Implementing Health Instruction

5. Measurement and Evaluation of Health Education

6. Mental Health and Stress Reduction

7. Strategies for Teaching Mental Health and Stress Reduction

8. Body Systems

9. Personal Health

10. Strategies for Teaching Body Systems and Personal Health

11. Sexuality Education

12. Strategies for Teaching Sexuality Education

13. Substance Use and Abuse

14. Strategies for Teaching About Substance Use and Abuse

15. Infectious and Noninfectious Conditions

16. Strategies for Teaching About Infectious and Noninfectious Conditions

17. Nutrition

18. Strategies for Teaching Nutrition

19. Injuries: Accident and Violence Prevention

20. Strategies for Teaching About Injuries: Accident and Violence Prevention

21. Consumer Health

22. Strategies for Teaching Consumer Health

23. Aging, Dying, and Death

24. Strategies for Teaching About Aging, Dying, and Death

25. Environmental Health

26. Strategies for Teaching Environmental Health

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