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Teaching Writing Grades 7-12 in an Era of Assessment: Passion and Practice

By Mary L. Warner, Jonathan H. Lovell

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Aug 22, 2013


A practical guide written by teachers, for teachers,  this book provides authentic, proven practices in the teaching of writing, along with samples of student writing, grades 7—12, and integrating Common Core State Standards within a comprehensive English Language Arts curriculum. Teaching Writing Grades 7—12 in an Era of Assessment is an ideal guide for those who have not had access to professional development in teaching writing. In it, readers get the benefit of hearing first hand from real teachers teaching real students. In addition to presenting detailed, specific pedagogy appropriate for seventh grade, eighth grade, and high school students, the book also addresses a wide range of students, including English Language Learners and reluctant writers and readers.

Table of Contents

Forward xvi

Preface xix
Acknowledgements xxii


1 Passion and Practice: Personalizing the Theoretical—Jonathan Lovell 1


2 Promoting the Passion: Teachers as Writers, Teachers as Collaborators—Mary Warner 18


3 Building on the Formulaic: Into, Through, and Beyond—Maria Clinton, Martin Brandt, and Brook Wallace 34


4 Creative Reading in Support of Writing: Developing Meaningful Response to Literature—Jay Richards, Brenna Dimas, Marie Milner, and Mary Warner 77


5 Finding Your Writing Voice—Mary Warner, Kathleen Cohen, and Marie Milner 106


6 Bringing Passion to the Research Process: The I-Search Paper—Brandy Appling-Jenson, Carolyn Anzia, and Kathleen González 130


7 Expanding the Boundaries: The Uncharted Territory of Multigenre Writing—Suzanne Murphy, Maria Clinton, and Marie Milner 153


8 Empowering English Language Learners: Moving Toward Competency as Speakers, Readers, and Writers—Marie Milner 180


9 Practical Guidelines for Portfolios: Promoting Qualitative Assessment in a Test-Prep Climate—Suzanne Murphy, Amy Thompson, and Kathleen González 192


10 Keeping Heart: Dealing with the Realities of the Paper Load While Providing Authentic Response—Kathleen González and Maria Clinton 216


Index 233


Teaching Writing Grades 7-12 in an Era of Assessment: Passion and Practice

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