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Technology and American Society, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Gary Cross, Rick Szostak

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Nov 17, 2004

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For undergraduate courses in History of American Technology; Science, Technology and Society; Sociology of Technology.

In a single volume, this text combines the history of invention and the interactions of technology with social, economic, cultural, and military change throughout the course of American history. It illustrates the gradual shift from the era of individual artisan inventors to emergence of science-based corporate technology, and links the origins and development of American innovation to the global transformation of industry, agriculture, and transportation.

Table of Contents

 1. Working the Landin Preindustrial Europe and America.

 2. Craftsmen in the Shop: European Traditions and American Changes in the Eighteenth Century.

 3. Women and Work before the Factory.

 4. Origins of Industrialization.

 5. The Birth of the Factory.

 6. Iron, Steam, and Rails.

 7. Machines and their Mass-Production.

 8. Machines on the Farm and in the Forest, 1800-1940.

 9. Americans Confront a Mechanical World, 1780-1900.

10. The Second Industrial Revolution.

11. Technology and the Modern Corporation.

12. Technology and the First Arms Race, 1770-1918.

13. The Impact of Technology on Women's Work.

14. The New Factory.

15. Innovation, The Great Depression, and the Automobile, 1918-1940.

16. Mechanizing Sight and Sound.

17. Technology and the Origins of Mass Culture.

18. Airplanes and Atoms in Peace and War.

19. Our Computer Age.

20. Recent Advances in Technology.

21. Modern Americans in a Technological World.

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