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Technology to Teach Literacy: A Resource for K-8 Teachers, 2nd Edition

By Rebecca S. Anderson, Michael M. Grant, Bruce W. Speck

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Apr 25, 2007


This book is designed to provide teachers with an array of computer tools to promote reading, writing, and critical thinking in their classrooms.  It can be used by teachers who recognize the need to continue their education by becoming adept at using computers in their classrooms.  In short, this book covers the major concerns K-8 teachers face as they integrate computer technology into their classrooms and provides numerous suggestions for applying the ideas described in the book in real classrooms.  The discussion of literacy topics and pedagogy is grounded in research literature, best practice for teaching, and current successful technology integration strategies.



  • Provides teachers with theoretical information--gives teachers the assurance that the information conveyed is based on solid research.
  • Focuses on major issues and gets to the point--allows teachers to save time by looking at the significant issues without getting bogged down in the details.
  • Computer Classroom Snapshots--provide real-life examples of how teachers are integrating technology into the K-8 literacy curriculum.
  • Lists of electronic sources--provide teachers with easy access to Web addresses that can give them more materials for their classes.
  • Techno-Teacher Tips--provide important pointers on using technology in the classroom.
  • Print sources cited throughout the book--provide numerous resources, inlcuding References at the end of each chapter that identify sources to promote the integration of technology and literacy in the classroom.
  • Figures throughout the book--provide screen captures of well-known and well-respected software applications, Web sites, and technology integration examples
  • Table of Contents

    Chapter 1        Literacy and the Technology Supported Classroom

    Chapter 2        Technology Tools to Support Literacy

    Chapter 3        Using Technology to Teach Reading

    Chapter 4        Teaching Students to Write and Publish with Computers

    Chapter 5        Literacy in the Information Age

    Chapter 6        Technology-Enhanced ESL Instruction and Learning in K-8 Classrooms

    Chapter 7        Teaching Literacy to Struggling Readers Using Technology

    Chapter 8        Assessing Students' Work


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    Technology to Teach Literacy: A Resource for K-8 Teachers, 2nd Edition

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