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Terrorism and Counterterrorism, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Brigitte L Nacos

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 18, 2011

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Focusing on the phenomenon of terrorism in the post-9/11 era, Terrorism and Counterterrorism investigates this form of political violence in an international and American context and in light of new and historical trends.


In this comprehensive and highly readable text, Brigitte Nacos, a renowned expert in the field, clearly defines terrorism’s diverse causes, actors, and strategies, outlines anti- and counter-terrorist responses, and highlights terrorism’s relationship with the media and the public. Terrorism and Counterterrorism introduces students to the field’s main debates and helps them critically assess our understanding of and our strategies for this complex and enduring issue.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction: The Terrorist Threat



Chapter 2. The Perennial Debate: What is Terrorism?

Chapter 3. Terrorism in the Global Context

Chapter 4. Terrorism in the American Context

Chapter 5. Religious Terrorism: Political Violence in the Name of God

Chapter 6. The Making of Terrorists: Causes, Conditions, Influences

Chapter 7. From State Sponsors to Involuntary Hosts

Chapter 8. Common Thread: Goals, Targets, Tactics

Chapter 9. Organizational Structures and the Financing of Terror



Chapter 10. Terrorism and America’s Post-9/11 National Security Strategy

Chapter 11. The Utility of Hard and Soft Power in Counterterrorism

Chapter 12. Balancing Security, Liberty, and Human Rights

Chapter 13. Homeland Security: Preparedness and Prevention



Chapter 14. Terrorist Propaganda and the Media

Chapter 15. Terror and Hate in Cyberspace

 Chapter 16. Conclusion: Living with Terrorist Threats


Appendix. Major Terrorist Incidents Since the Early 1970s

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