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Test Scores and What They Mean, 6th Edition

By Howard B. Lyman

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 27, 1997

Table of Contents


1.Learning About Test Scores.

Testing Today.

No More Stalling!


Answers to the Pretest.

2.Basic Attributes of the Test.




3.The Language of Testing.

Maximum-Performance Tests.

Typical-Performance Tests.

Objective-Subjective-Projective Response.


Written-Oral-Performance Tests.

Standardized-Informal Tests.

Speed-Power Tests.

Group-Individual Tests.

Verbal-Nonverbal Tests.

Culture Fair.

How to Tell.

4.What's New in Testing Today.

Computers and Testing.

Criterion-Referenced Measurement.

Test-Item Banks.

Adaptive Testing.

Latent Trait Scaling.

Competency and Accountability.

What is Wrong?

Outcome Based Education.

Exceptional People: Those with Language and Physical Disabilities.


New All Over Again?

Not Only in the United States.

5.Social Responsibility and Testing.

Tests Do Not Measure Innate Ability (Only).

Intelligence Tests Do Not Measure Creativity.

People Use Tests to Label Children as Morons, etc.

Standardized Tests Favor the Glib and Penalize the Thoughtful.

Tests Invade Privacy.

Tests Give Changing Results.

Tests Are Unfair.

Tests Are Misused and Misinterpreted.

6.A Few Statistics.


Descriptive Statistics.

The Normal Probability Curve.

Inferential Statistics.

Expectancy Tables.

An Omission and an Explanation.

7.Information About Tests.

Test Catalogs.

Test Publishers.

Test Manuals.

Don't Overlook Your Personal Computer.

8.Derived Scores.

A Classification Scheme.

The Scores.

Type I: Comparison with an “Absolute Standard,” or Content Difficulty.

Type II: Inter-Individual Comparisons.

Type III: Intra-Individual Comparisons.

Type IV: Assorted Arbitrary Bases.

A Final Word.

9.Test Profiles.

General Profiles.

The Good Profile.

Significant Differences in Profile Points.

Profile Analysis.

10.Don't Forget Common Sense.

Institutional and Individual Decisions.

Some Common Mistakes.

Other Sources, Too!

11.What Can We Say?

Who Is Entitled to Test Information?

Communicating the Results.

High and Low.

In Summary.

12.Closing Remarks.

Things to Keep in Mind.

Experts Still Needed.

Go Ahead and Try!


Glossary of Terms.

Selected Test Publishers.


Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement.

Conversion Table.



Test Scores and What They Mean, 6th Edition

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