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Textiles: Basics

By Sara J. Kadolph

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 30, 2012


Textiles: Basics is designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of textiles so you can be prepared for a career in the global textile and apparel industry. With the knowledge from this book, you will have the foundation you need to make informed decisions regarding textile materials and textile products and to communicate effectively with other individuals and companies in the workplace.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction to Textiles

Chapter 2: Textile Serviceability and Sustainability

Chapter 3: Natural Fibers

Chapter 4: Manufactured and Synthetic Fibers

Chapter 5: Yarns

Chapter 6: Woven Fabrics

Chapter 7: Knit Fabrics

Chapter 8: Other Fabrics

Chapter 9: Finishes

Chapter 10: Dyeing and Printing

Chapter 11: Care of Textiles

Appendix A. Common Trade Names for Fibers, Fabrications, and Finishes

Appendix B. Guide to Stain Removal

Appendix C. World Map

Appendix D. Major Dye Classes

Appendix E. Fiber Names in Other Languages

Appendix F. Fiber Property Charts



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