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Theory and Practice of Archaeology, The: A Workbook, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition

By Thomas C. Patterson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Sep 15, 2004

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For courses in Introduction to Archaeology Theory and Methods.

Intended for the Introductory Archaeology course with the goal of teaching students how to think like archaeologists, this workbook includes activities that challenge students to interpret and explain field findings and help them to see the link between theory and practice.

Table of Contents


Some Suggestions for Teachers.



 1. Stratigraphy: Establishing a Sequence from Excavated Archaeological Evidence.

 2. Seriation: Ordering Archaeological Evidence by Stylistic Differences.

 3.Constructing a Regional Chronology.

 4. Modes of Production, Divisions of Labor, and Social Reproduction.

 5. Time and Place as Operating Conditions in Production.

 6. The Construction and Transformation of Regional Landscapes.

 7. Social Divisions of Labor, Class Structures, and State Formation.

 8. State Formation: Conquest Abroad, Repression at Home.

 9. Frontier Societies: State Formation and Uneven Development.

10. State Formation and the Reorganization of Social Production and Reproduction.

11. The Social Construction of Gender, Ethnicity, and Race.

12. Class Struggle and Resistance.

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Theory and Practice of Archaeology, The: A Workbook, CourseSmart eTextbook, 3rd Edition
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