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Tragedy of Vietnam, 4th Edition

By Patrick J. Hearden

Published by Routledge

Published Date: Jun 24, 2011


For courses on the Vietnam War, 20th century world history and American diplomatic history. Also appropriate as a supplemental text for U.S. history survey courses and history of Asia courses.   Brief and accessible text that provides comprehensive coverage of the causes and consequences of the Vietnam War.   The Tragedy of Vietnam provides extensive background on the Vietnam War, the relevant history of Southeast Asia and the consequences of the Vietnam conflict on the region. Author Patrick Hearden examines the key decisions and questions surroudning the tragic American entanglement in Vietnam, providing readers with a fascinating discussion of why the United States became involved in this war and why this involvement persisted for nearly a quarter of a century. This book covers the social, economic, ideological, diplomatic and military aspects of the Vietnam War.

Table of Contents

1. The French Indochina Empire.
The Emergence of Vietnam.
The Establishment of French Rule.
The Roots of Nationalism and Communism.
The Rise of the Vietminh.

2. The Dream of a Pax Americana.
Blueprints for a New World Order.
The First Indochina War.
The Crisis of World Capitalism.
The Bao Dai Regime.

3. America's Mandarin.
The Road to Dien Bien Phu.
The Geneva Peace Settlement.
The Birth of a Client State.
The Revolt in the Rice Fields.

4. The Summons of the Trumpet.
The Global Domino Theory.
The Second Indochina War.
The Growth of the Vietcong.
The Plot to Topple Diem.

5. The Master of Deceit.
Political Disorder in South Vietnam.
The Gulf of Tonkin Affair.
The Rhetoric of Restraint.
The Decision to Bomb North Vietnam.

6. The Escalating Military Stalemate.
The Dispatch of American Ground Troops.
The Protracted War of Attrition.
The American Antiwar Movement.
The Tet Offensive.

7. Withdrawal Without Victory.
The Madman Theory.
The Vietnamization Policy.
The Paris Peace Treaty.
The Fall of Saigon.

8. The War That Nobody Won.
The Ugly Aftermath of War.
The Failure of Communism in Vietnam.
The Vietnamese Turn toward Capitalism.
The Road to Reconciliation.

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Tragedy of Vietnam, 4th Edition

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