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Transforming Learning with New Technologies, CourseSmart eTextbook, 2nd Edition

By Robert W. Maloy, Ruth-Ellen A Verock, Sharon A. Edwards, Beverly P. Woolf

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 4, 2013


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Show pre-service teachers how new technologies and Web 2.0 tools can change the nature of K-12 schools by generating highly interactive, inquiry-based teaching and learning experiences at all grade levels.

Understanding that 21st century learning” means that teachers prepare, deliver, and assess lessons differently while students think critically and creatively about the learning they do and the technologies they use.  For pre-service teachers, a 21st century approach to educational technology entails understanding what interactive technologies can do and how to use them to create engaging, memorable learning experiences for students.  This exciting newcomer to the educational technology market in its first edition, the Second Edition includes the latest technologies and trends that are making education a more dynamic and global teaching and learning experience.

Table of Contents

1  Becoming a 21st Century Teacher  

2  Understanding Educational Technology Issues and Trends                  

3  Transforming Learning with Unique, Powerful Technology              

4  Designing Lessons and Developing Curriculum with Technology       

5  Teaching Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship  

6  Fostering Online Learning with Educational Websites and Apps 

7  Exploring Problem Solving and Inquiry Learning with Software, Apps, and Games  

8  Communicating and Collaborating with Social Media  

9  Expressing Creativity with Multimedia Technologies  

10  Promoting Success for All Students through Technology  

11  Engaging Students in Performance Assessment and Reflective Learning 

12  Integrating Technology and Creating Change as Teacher Leaders  

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