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Transforming Learning with New Technologies, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Robert W. Maloy, Ruth-Ellen A Verock, Beverly P. Woolf, Sharon A. Edwards

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 15, 2010

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Organized by learning goals for teachers and students, responsive to ISTE newest standards, and designed to foster interactivity, Transforming Learning with New Technologies models how to plan lessons that integrate computers, Internet-based technologies, and emerging Web 2.0 tools to transform teaching and learning across the K-12 curriculum.


This brief, practical full-color text introduces teachers to the multiple ways that technology integration can lead to highly interactive, inquiry-based teaching and learning experiences. While guiding teachers to incorporate technology into every aspect of their professional work and classroom instruction, including lesson planning, student assessment, curriculum development, academic research, and professional networking, the text highlights more than 70 free (or low-cost), easy-to-use computer and Internet technologies to achieve their goals. The highly-lauded Technology Transformation Lesson Plans provide examples across grade levels and subject areas that demonstrate how technology transforms lessons by showing minimal technology use juxtaposed with fully-infused technology options that align to learning goals of each lesson.


 The text’s interactive learning experiences for readers offer thought-provoking questions, lesson plan templates, vignettes, and links to assignments on MyEducationKit*, Pearson’s premiere online resource with video, tutorials, podcasts, rubrics and checklists, web activities, practice tests, and activities to build teaching skills and dispositions.  

*MyEducationKit is not included and must be purchased seperately. To purchase MyEducationKit please visit

Table of Contents

Part One:  Inspiring Student Learning with Technology

Chapter 1:  Becoming an e-Teacher

Chapter 2: Transforming Learning with Unique, Powerful Technology

Chapter 3:  Developing Lessons with Technology

Chapter 4:  Integrating Technology and Creating Change


Part Two:  Engaging Learners with Digital Tools

Chapter 5:  Researching and Evaluating Internet Information

Chapter 6:  Teaching with Educational Websites and Other Online Resources

Chapter 7:  Problem Solving and Inquiry Learning with Software and Web Tools

Chapter 8: Communicating and Networking with Websites, Blogs, Wikis, and More

Chapter 9: Creating and Sharing Information with Multimedia Technologies

Chapter 10:  Promoting Success for All Students Through Technology

Chapter 11: Engaging Teachers and Students in Learning and Self-Reflection



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