Transforming Learning with New Technologies, Loose-Leaf Version, 2nd Edition

By Robert W. Maloy, Ruth-Ellen A Verock, Sharon A. Edwards, Beverly P. Woolf

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 15, 2013


For college students who are becoming teachers, developing 21st century technology skills requires a dynamic shift in the way they think about and make use of technology in schools. Learning how to use computer hardware and software is less and less the primary goal.  Instead, teachers and students need 21st century learning mindsets in which they are active users and assessors of technology.  “21st century learning” means teachers prepare, deliver, and assess lessons differently while students think critically and creatively about the learning they do and the technologies they use.  Pre-service teachers are coming to recognize that the 21st century approach to educational technology means understanding what interactive computer technologies can do and how to utilize them to create engaging, memorable learning experiences for students.  The authors have written this book to help students to do just that.


The second edition provides essential coverage of New and Emerging Technologies including 21st century learning, tablet computers and apps, flipped classrooms, microblogging, online learning, virtual schools, digital citizenship, and digital video as well as expanded explorations of educational websites and software, learning games, digital portfolios, assistive technologies, and student participation systems. These additions let students learn about how the latest technologies can be used in schools to create successful learning experiences for K-12 students.

Table of Contents

1  Becoming a 21st Century Teacher  

2  Understanding Educational Technology Issues and Trends                  

3  Transforming Learning with Unique, Powerful Technology              

4  Designing Lessons and Developing Curriculum with Technology       

5  Teaching Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship  

6  Fostering Online Learning with Educational Websites and Apps 

7  Exploring Problem Solving and Inquiry Learning with Software, Apps, and Games  

8  Communicating and Collaborating with Social Media  

9  Expressing Creativity with Multimedia Technologies  

10  Promoting Success for All Students through Technology  

11  Engaging Students in Performance Assessment and Reflective Learning 

12  Integrating Technology and Creating Change as Teacher Leaders  

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