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Travel and Tourism: An Industry Primer, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Paul S. Biederman

Published by Prentice Hall

Published Date: Jan 15, 2008

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For introductory courses in Travel and Tourism.


Written for a diverse audience, this book explores travel and tourism comprehensively—examining the travel sectors, promotional strategies, economic influences and business principles that govern the industry. Drawing on the experience of the lead author (a former chief economist at Trans World Airlines), it discusses a broad range of introductory topics, the economic fundamentals of each travel sector and basic tools necessary for effective decision-making. Additional contributors provide chapters on destination marketing, sustainable tourism, revenue management and technology. Filled with case studies, industry profiles, and over 200 illustrations, it shows readers the places and principles that comprise the travel and tourism industry today.


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Section One: Getting Acquainted with Travel & Tourism

1.      Dimensions of Travel and Tourism

2.      An Economic Overview of Travel & Tourism

3.      The Psychology of Travel

4.      Sustainable Tourism Development


Section Two: The Sectors

5.      The Airline Industry

6.      The Rail, Motorcoach and Rental Car Industries

7.      The Cruiseline Industry

8.      Amusement Parks and Other Major Attractions

9.      The Gaming Industry

10.  Lodging

11.  The Food Service Industry

12.  Conventions and Meetings



Section Three: Defining, Promoting and Selling the Product

13.  Travel Agents and Tour Operators

14.  Distribution Channels

15.  Destinations: A Psychographic and Sociological Perspective


Section Four: Conservation and Intervention

16.  Ecotourism: Tourism’s Green Adventure

17.  Government, Politics and Tourism


Section Five: Management Tools

18.  Revenue Management: The Art & Science of Maximizing Revenue

19.  Measuring the Economic Impact

20.  Forecasting


Section Six: What’s Next for the Industry?

21.  The Future


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