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Undercover User Experience Design

By Cennydd Bowles, James Box

Published by New Riders

Published Date: Sep 17, 2010


Once you catch the user experience bug, the world changes. Doors open the wrong way, websites don't work, and companies don't seem to care. And while anyone can learn the UX remedies usability testing, personas, prototyping and so on unless your organization 'gets it', putting them into practice is trickier. Undercover User Experience is a pragmatic guide from the front lines, giving frank advice on making UX work in real companies with real problems. Readers will learn how to fit research, ideation, prototyping and testing into their daily workflow, and how to design good user experiences under the all-too-common constraints of time, budget and culture.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Going Undercover
Chapter 2 Exploring the Problem
Chapter 3 Generating Ideas
Chapter 4 Making It Real
Chapter 5 Refining Your Solution
Chapter 6 Working with…
Chapter 7 Where Next?


Undercover User Experience Design

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