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Understanding Human Differences: Multicultural Education for a Diverse America, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Kent L. Koppelman, Lee Goodhart

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 22, 2013

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For Multicultural/Multiethnic Education courses, (Curriculum and Instruction), both education and non-education majors


Lauded as the best single text for introducing students to the study of diversity in 21st century America, with a focus on culture, the individual, and institutions.


This popular text is grounded in research that has been conducted in various behavioral and social sciences including education, psychology, history, sociology, biology, anthropology, women’s studies, and ethnic studies. The author uses a stimulating inquiry approach to make the content more interesting to students, to encourage student discussion and debate on the issues, and to ultimately promote a deeper understanding of the material. Each chapter features questions regarding diversity issues with responses based on research from a variety of disciplines and from the author’s experience.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Individual Attitudes and Interpersonal Relations


Chapter 1   Understanding Ourselves and Others: Clarifying Values and Language

Chapter 2   Understanding Prejudice and Its Causes

Chapter 3  Communication, Conflict, and Conflict Resolution


Section 2:  Cultural Foundations of Oppression in the United States


Chapter 4   Immigration and Oppression: The Assault on Cultural and Language Diversity

Chapter 5   Race and Oppression: The Experiences of People of Color in America

Chapter 6 Religion and Oppression: The Struggle for Religious Freedom

Chapter 7   Rejecting Oppressive Relationships: The Logic of Cultural Pluralism for a Diverse Society


Section 3: Contemporary Dilemmas for Intergroup Relations


Chapter 8    Racism: Confronting a Legacy of White Domination in America

Chapter 9   Classism: Misperceptions and Myths About Income, Wealth, and Poverty

Chapter 10 Sexism: Where the Personal Becomes Political

Chapter 11 Heterosexism: Transforming Homosexuality from Deviant to Different

Chapter 12 Ableism: Disability Does Not Mean Inability


Section 4: The Challenge of Diversity to American Institutions


Chapter 13 Pluralism in Schools: The Promise of Multicultural Education

Chapter 14 Pluralism in Society: Creating Unity in a Diverse America

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Understanding Human Differences: Multicultural Education for a Diverse America, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition
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