Understanding Logic

By Daniel Flage

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Oct 14, 1994

Table of Contents

 1. The Language of Logic.

 2. Meaning and Definition.

 3. Informal Fallacies.

 4. Categorical Syllogisms.

 5. Propositional Logic: Truth Tables.

 6. Propositional Logic: Natural Deduction.

 7. Predicate Logic: Natural Deduction.

 8. Analogical Arguments.

 9. Mill's Methods of Experimental Inquiry.

10. Probability and Numbers.

11. Science and Hypothetical Reasoning.

Appendix 1: Traditional Names for Syllogistic Forms and Conditional Validity.

Appendix 2: The Paradoxes of Material Implication.

Appendix 3: Truth Trees.

Solutions to the Odd-Numbered Exercises.





Understanding Logic

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