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Understanding National Board Certification: A Guide for Teachers and Those Who Support Them

By Mark W. Ellis, Tara D. Barnhart, Leslee M. Milch

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 14, 2012


This valuable guide gives educators pursuing National Board certification and those supporting candidates in their efforts a thorough, accessible examination of all aspects of certification for First Time candidates, Take One! Candidates, Retake (or Advanced) candidates, and National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) working on Renewal. With Understanding Board Certification as their guide, educators will deepen their understanding of the National Board standards, become fully prepared to be successful National Board candidates, and enhance their growth as educational professionals. Included are extensive references to relevant research and a helpful Appendix, Providing Candidate Support.

Table of Contents



1.                                             Introduction to National Board Certification

2.   Studying the Standards

3.   Getting Started

4.   Thinking, Dialoguing and Writing about Teaching

5.   Looking for Evidence

6.   Wrapping Up the Portfolio

7.   The Assessment Center

8.   Planning for Score Release

9.   You’ve Earned National Board Certification: Now What?


Annotated Resources by Chapter

Appendix: Providing Candidate Support

      The Role of the Support Provider

      Tools for Talking about Teaching

      Building and Maintaining a Safe and Productive Environment

      Common Candidate Challenges

      Guide for Using this Book with Candidates

      In Closing