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Understanding Race and Ethnic Relations, CourseSmart eTextbook, 4th Edition

By Vincent N. Parrillo

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Feb 18, 2011

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For an undergraduate introductory level source in race and ethnic relations.


A brief, economical introduction to the core theories, concepts, and issues in the study of race and ethnic relations in the United States.


Based on the top-selling title by the same author, Strangers to These Shores, this book provides a framework for undestanding the interpersonal dynamics and the larger context of changing intergroup relations.  Following a presentation of some introductory concepts in the first chapter—particularly that of the stranger as a social phenomenon and the concept of the Dillingham Flaw—the first group of chapters examines differences in culture, reality perceptions, social class, and power as reasons for intergroup conflict. These chapters also look at the dominant group’s varying expectations about how minorities should “fit” into its society.  Chapters 2 and 3 include coverage of some middle-range conflict and interactionist theories. Chapters 4 and 5 explore the dimensions and interrelationships of prejudice and discrimination, and Chapter 6 covers the dominant–minority response patterns so common across different groups and time periods. This chapter presents middle-range conflict theories about economic exploitation too. Chapter 7 employs holistic sociological concepts in discussing ethnic consciousness; ethnicity as a social process; current racial and ethnic issues, fears, and reactions; and the various indicators of U.S. diversity in the 21st century.




Table of Contents


1.)    BRIEF





Chapter 1: The Study of Minorities        

Chapter 2: The Role of Culture  

Chapter 3: Ethnic and Racial Stratification         

Chapter 4: Prejudice        

Chapter 5: Discrimination           

Chapter 6: Dominant–Minority Relations                         

Chapter 7: Immigration Patterns and Issues      





Chapter 1: The Study of Minorities        

The Stranger as a Social Phenomenon      

A Sociological Perspective       

Minority Groups       

Racial and Ethnic Groups         



 Chapter 2: The Role of Culture  

The Concept of Culture

Cultural Change                

Theories of Minority Integration        

Is There a White Culture?  


Chapter 3: Ethnic and Racial Stratification         


Social Class        

Intergroup Conflict            

Ethnic Stratification            

Labor Outcomes


Chapter 4: Prejudice        

The Psychology of Prejudice           

The Sociology of Prejudice              


The Influence of Television                

The Influence of Advertising and Music        

Can Prejudice Be Reduced?            


Chapter 5: Discrimination           

Levels of Discrimination      

Relationships between Prejudice and Discrimination

Social and Institutional Discrimination        

The Affirmative-Action Controversy              

Racial Profiling      


Chapter 6: Dominant–Minority Relations           

Minority-Group Responses              

Consequences of Minority-Group Status      

Dominant-Group Responses            


Chapter 7: Immigration Patterns and Issues      

Ethnic Consciousness       

The Changing Face of Ethnicity      

Migration Patterns            

Current Ethnic Issues       

Language Retention          

Diversity in the Future                                          


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