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Understanding SCA (Service Component Architecture), Safari

By Jim Marino, Michael Rowley

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional

Published Date: Jun 30, 2009

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Use SCA to Simplify the Development and Delivery of Service-Based Applications


Service Component Architecture (SCA) is a new programming model that enables developers to build distributed applications more efficiently and effectively than previous technologies. In Understanding SCA (Service Component Architecture), two leading experts offer the first complete and independent guide to SCA. Drawing on extensive experience both developing the SCA standards and implementing large-scale SCA applications, Jim Marino and Michael Rowley provide an insider's perspective for developers and technical managers tasked with architecting and implementing enterprise systems. Rather than simply providing a technology overview, the authors draw on their practical experiences with SCA, explaining

  • The full history behind SCA
  • How SCA fits with other enterprise technologies such as JEE, .NET, Web Services, and BPEL
  • All the major SCA concepts including composition, policy, wires, and bindings
  • Best practices for designing SCA applications
  • Using SCA with Web Services, Message-Oriented Middleware, BPEL, JPA, and Servlets

Understanding SCA (Service Component Architecture) provides the background necessary to make informed decisions about when and how to best use SCA to build enterprise applications.


Table of Contents

Preface     xix

Chapter 1: Introducing SCA     1

Chapter 2: Assembling and Deploying a Composite     41

Chapter 3: Service-Based Development Using Java     69

Chapter 4: Conversational Interactions Using Java     109

Chapter 5: Composition     131

Chapter 6: Policy     167

Chapter 7: Wires     189

Chapter 8: Bindings     203

Chapter 9: The Domain     231

Chapter 10: Service-Based Development Using BPEL     267

Chapter 11: Persistence     285

Chapter 12: The Presentation Tier     311

Index     325



Understanding SCA (Service Component Architecture), Safari

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