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Using THE SIOP® MODEL with Pre-K and Kindergarten English Learners, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Jana J. Echevarria, Deborah J. Short, Carla Peterson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 10, 2011

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This new addition to the best-selling SIOP® Model series shows how to use the SIOP® Model with pre-K and kindergarten English learners so they can fully participate in all aspects of early schooling.


Designed for early childhood teachers and administrators, Teaching Young English Learners Using the SIOP Model: Pre-K and Kindergarten

describes the young English learner, current trends in early childhood education, and the fundamentals of language development. Focusing on implementation, the book includes a sample lesson plan, versions of the SIOP protocol, and descriptions of how sample programs have used the SIOP® Model to provide an optimal learning environment for their young students. Chapters explore the SIOP model, key components, and the research that explains why the model works.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The SIOP Model and Young Children

            What is the SIOP Model?

                        The SIOP Model: 8 Components and 30 Features

            Research-Validated Approach

            SIOP Professional Development

            Concluding Thoughts


Chapter 2  Getting to Know Young English Learners and Early Childhood Programs by Carla Peterson, Gayle J. Luze, Molly Luchtel and Emily Worthington

            Young Children and How They Grow

English Learners in Early Care and Education

Challenges in Early Childhood Instruction

Changing Landscape of Early Care and Education

Concluding Thoughts


Chapter 3  Language Development in Young Children

How Is Language Learned?

                        Language Register

                        Language Purposes

 Teacher Roles in Language Development

First (Home) Language Development

English Language Development

            Academic Language

            Language Assessment

Parents As Partners

Supporting Children with Disabilities

Concluding Thoughts


Chapter 4 Using the SIOP with Young Learners: Lesson Preparation, Building Background

Components of the SIOP Model

                        Lesson Preparation

                        Building Background

                        Concluding Thoughts


Chapter 5 Using the SIOP with Young Learners: Comprehensible Input and Strategies

Components of the SIOP Model

                        Comprehensible Input


            Concluding Thoughts

Chapter 6  Using the SIOP with Young Learners: Interaction and Lesson Delivery

Components of the SIOP Model


                        Lesson Delivery

            Concluding Thoughts

Chapter 7 Using the SIOP with Young Learners: Practice & Application and Review & Assessment

Components of the SIOP Model

                        Practice & Application

                        Review & Assessment

            Concluding Thoughts


Chapter 8  Implementing the SIOP Model in Preschool and Kindergarten: Sample Programs

Columbus Junction, Iowa

Veterans Memorial Elementary School, Rhode Island

AppleTree Institute for Education Innovation Partnership, Washington DC

Concluding Thoughts


Chapter 9 Best Practice Using the SIOP protocol to Support Teachers

         Best Practices in Using the SIOP Protocol

                        Lesson Observation

                        Teacher Self-Reflection

                        Professional Development

            Guidelines for Using the SIOP Protocol in Early Childhood Settings

            Benefits of Using the SIOP Model and Protocol

Using the Comments Feature on the SIOP® Protocol

Reliability and Validity of the SIOP®

 Concluding Thoughts


Appendix A: The SIOP Protocol: Full Version, Short Version, SIOP Checklist

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