Video Analysis Tool for Introduction to Early Childhood Education in MediaShare -- Standalone Access Card

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Published Date: May 2, 2016


Designed specifically for use in Teacher Education courses, the Video Analysis Tool in MediaShare provides a simple, easy way to help teacher candidates build the observation and analysis skills they'll need to be successful educators.

Each Video Analysis Tool course includes sets of course-specific video cases featuring authentic classroom video clips, each illustrating a theory, strategy, or topic commonly addressed in that course. Accompanying rubrics are designed to scaffold students' analysis of the techniques shown, and video analysis software allows students to annotate the clips and explain their rubric ratings.

Easy to use and integrate into your course, the Video Analysis Tool helps your students develop the skills and confidence to help them succeed in student teaching, on teacher performance assessment evaluations, and in their own future classrooms.

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Table of Contents

The Video Analysis Tool in MediaShare course for Introduction to Early Childhood Education features exercises on the following topics:

• Building Relationships: Working with Families

• Cognitive Development: Enhancing Cognitive Development

• Developmentally Appropriate Practice: Supporting Active Learning

• Early Literacy: Developing Phonemic Awareness

• Integrated Curriculum: Meaningful Learning

• Play: Promoting Sociodramatic Play

• Social Emotional Development: Resolving Conflicts

• Observation: Observing a Small Group Learning Activity

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