PACKAGE ISBN-13: 9780132816274

By Debra Geoghan

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 18, 2011

Components of the Package:

Visualizing Technology, Introductory with CD
By Debra Geoghan

Simulations CD for Computer Concepts
By Debra Geoghan


This book is unlike anything you've seen before.  You won't find long paragraphs of text that go on forever; instead you will find a highly visual layout with bite-sized chunks of texts, images used to represent concepts, making them easy to remember, chapters organized as articles with catchy headlines, and a Facebook page to stimulate and foster discussion.


KEY TOPICS: What is a computer? Hardware. File Management. Digital Devices and Multimedia. Application Software. System Software. The Internet and World Wide Web. Communicating and Sharing: The Social Web. Networks and Communication. Security and Privacy. Databases. Software and Application Development. Blogger. Mind Maps. Google Docs.


MARKET: With an innovative and easy to read writing style, Visualizing Technology teaches readers the basics of using a computer, from File Management to Hardware and Software and the Internet.

Table of Contents

Chapter  Title
        1 What Is a Computer?
        2 Hardware 
        3 File Management
        4 Digital Devices and Multimedia
        5 Application Software
        6 System Software 
        7 The Internet and World Wide Web 
        8 Communicating and Sharing: The Social Web
        9 Networks and Communication
       10 Security and Privacy 
       11 Databases
       12 Software and Application Development
Appendix 1 Blogger
Appendix 2 Mindmaps
Appendix 3 Google Docs



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We recommend Visualizing Technology, Introductory with bound-in Student CD Plus IT Simulations CD as a replacement.