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Vocabulary Plus High School and Up: A Source-Based Approach

By Alleen Pace Nilsen, Don L. F. Nilsen

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jul 30, 2003

Table of Contents

Each chapter begins with “Teachers Preface,” and concludes with “End-of-Chapter Activities.”


1. The Theory Behind a Source-Based Approach.

An Overview of the Kinds of Language Change That Will Be Illustrated.

The Problem of Testing vs. Teaching.

Knowing the Differences Between Metaphors and Puns.

Things We Learned from our Guest Teaching.

How the Remaining Chapters in This Book Are Organized.

2. Animals.

Workshop 2.1 From the Horse's Mouth.

Workshop 2.2 Other Farm Animals.

Workshop 2.3 Animal Homes.

Workshop 2.4 Figuring Out the Grounding of Metaphors.

Workshop 2.5 Practicing with Analogies.

Workshop 2.6 A Crossword Puzzle.

3. The Human Body.

Workshop 3.1 The Grounding of Eye Metaphors.

Workshop 3.2 Back Metaphors from Literal to Literary.

Workshop 3.3 Up in Arms—An Extended Metaphor.

Workshop 3.4 Latin and Related English Words for Body Parts.

4. Communication.

Workshop 4.1 The Power of Communication.

Workshop 4.2 Non-Voice Communications.

Workshop 4.3 Music and Performance.

Workshop 4.4 Musical Instruments.

Workshop 4.5 Using Colors for More than Decoration.

Workshop 4.6 Computer Assisted Communication.

5. Plants and Food.

Workshop 5.1 Farming and Gardening Metaphors.

Workshop 5.2 Plants as the Source of Shape Metaphors.

Workshop 5.3 Plants as the Source of Color Words.

Workshop 5.4 Good Food—Good Taste.

Workshop 5.5 Good-Related Clichés.

Workshop 5.6 Cooking and Eating.

Workshop 5.7 A Crossword Puzzle of Plants and Farming Words.

6. Clothing.

Workshop 6.1 Clothes as the Source of Metaphors.

Workshop 6.2 From Head to Foot.

Workshop 6.3 Accessories.

Workshop 6.4 The Making of Clothes.

Workshop 6.5 Weaving Cloth.

Workshop 6.6 Sewing and Knitting.

7. Living and Dying.

Workshop 7.1 Being Born.

Workshop 7.2 Words for Being Alive: Quick, Bio, and Vivus.

Workshop 7.3 English Words from Latin Mortalis.

Workshop 7.4 Other Words Related to Death.

Workshop 7.5 Words Related to Death.

Workshop 7.6 The Remains.

Workshop 7.7 A Crossword Puzzle on Living and Dying.

8. Using Prefixes and Suffixes.

Workshop 8.1 Pro and Con.

Workshop 8.2 The Good and the Bad.

Workshop 8.3 Directions: Near and Far.

Workshop 8.4 Ex- Marks the Spot.

Workshop 8.5 Just Say No.

Workshop 8.6 Above and Below.

Workshop 8.7 Time Out.

Workshop 8.8 Actor or Agentive Suffixes.

Workshop 8.9 More or Less.

9. Do-It-Yourself Lessons.


Family Relationships.

Weapons and Hostile Actions.

Weather and Sky.

Geological Formations.

Latin and Greek Roots for Intellectual Actions.

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Vocabulary Plus High School and Up: A Source-Based Approach

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