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Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide, The: Success Secrets of a Career Coach (paperback)

By Roy Cohen

Published by FT Press

Published Date: May 26, 2010


The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide: The Secrets of a Career Coach is the only complete, up-to-date, and practical guide for financial industry professionals seeking new or better jobs in today’s brutally competitive environment. Author Roy Cohen spent more than 10 years providing outplacement services to Goldman Sachs’ employees. In this book, he shares finance-specific job-hunting insights you simply won’t find anywhere else.


Drawing on his immense experience helping financial industry professionals find and keep outstanding positions, Cohen tells you what to do when and if you’re fired (or ready to move), how to develop a “game plan” and search targets, how to build your “story”, how to move from the sell-side to the buy side, and much more. You’ll find industry-specific guidance on interview strategy, resumes, follow-up, references, and even negotiation with real examples drawn from Cohen’s own practice.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Wall Street Job Search: Winning in Any Market    1

Chapter 2: You’ve Been Fired, Now What?    11

Chapter 3: Self Assessment: The Secret Weapon of Job Search    29

Chapter 4: Stick the Landing: How to Move Successfully from the Sell-Side to the Buy-Side    55

Chapter 5: The Art of the Bear Market Resume    75

Chapter 6: Networking: Just Do It, Please    109

Chapter 7: In the Arena: Mastering the Interview    131

Chapter 8: Write On: Effective Career Correspondence    179

Chapter 9: Win-Win Negotiating in Job Search    197

Chapter 10: References, Skeletons, and You    231

Chapter 11: Conclusion    252

Index    253