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Web Services: A Manager's Guide

By Anne Thomas Manes

Published by Addison-Wesley Professional

Published Date: Jun 11, 2003

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1. The Application Integration Crisis.

Hersheys integration nightmare.

Integration helps your business.

All applications require integration.

Calculating return on investment.

Application integration is hard.

Approaches to application integration.

Building integration hooks.

Exposing interfaces across the network.

Middleware styles.

RPC-style middleware.

Traditional Middleware Blues.

Pervasiveness and heterogeneity.

Total cost of ownership.

Extending integration to work across the Internet.

Using the Internet as an integration platform.

Using Web services for integration.

Web services have tactical and strategic value.

2. Web Services Basics.

What is a Web service?

Why Web services?

Defining “Web” and “Service”.

Building services.

Web evolution.

Defining characteristics of Web services.

Understanding the scope of Web services.

Web services business models.






Internal integration.

Executive summary.

3. Web Services Technologies.

The Web.

The Web versus other networks.


XML Schema.


XML versus other data representations.



Description (WSDL).

Advertising and Discovery (UDDI).

Communication (SOAP).

Extending SOAP.

SOAP versus other communication systems.

Other Web service technologies.


Executive summary.

4. Standardizing Web Services Technologies.

The history of SOAP.

Challenges with SOAP 1.1.


W3C and OASIS.

The history of WSDL.

Challenges with WSDL 1.1.

The history of UDDI.

UDDI Business Registry.

Private UDDI registries.

Programming standards for Web services.

Java standards for SOAP.

Java standards for WSDL.

Java standards for UDDI.

Executive summary: status check.

5. Advanced Web Services Standards.

Web services security standardization efforts.

Confidentiality and integrity.

Authentication and authorization.

Using XML security in Web services.

Web services management standardization efforts.

Transactions, Orchestration, and Choreography.




Portlets and interactive applications.

Other advanced efforts.

6. The Promise of Web Services.

Web services hype.

Super-powered PDA.


Dynamic discovery of business partners.

Enabling dynamic discovery.

Domain-specific industry standards.

Dynamic binding.

What makes Web services special.

Web services adoption.

Clear benefits.

Truth in hype.

7. When to Use Web Services.

Bell ringers.

Heterogeneous integration.

Unknown client environment.

Multi-channel client formats.

Other Web services applications.

Point-to-point integration.

Consolidated view.

Managing legacy assets.

Reducing duplicative applications.

Managing portal initiatives.

B2B electronic procurement.

Trading partner network.

Software as a service.

When not to use Web services.

Executive Summary.

8. Web Services Infrastructure.

Core Products.

Web Services Platforms.

Web services management extensions.

Infrastructure-level Web services.

Associated Products.

9. Evaluation Guidelines.

Characterize your project.

Making the initial cut.

Language and operating system.

Selecting a Java platform.

Licensing and support issues.

Evaluating your requirements.

Performance and scalability.

Standards support and interoperability.

Extensibility features.



UDDI Registries.

Platform considerations.

Standards support.

User interfaces.

Administration and management.


Executive summary.

Base your selection on project requirements.

Charting your course.

Appendix A: Web Services Product List.

.NET Platform.

COM Platform.

Portable C and C++ Platforms.

Java platforms.

J2EE platforms.

J2SE Platforms.

J2ME and KVM platforms.

Other languages and platforms.

Scripting languages.

Programming languages.

UDDI Registry Servers.

Embedded UDDI Registries.

Standalone UDDI Registries.

Appendix B: Requirements Questionnaire.

Operating platform attributes.

Client platform attributes.

Licensing requirements.

Performance and scalability requirements.

Extensibility features.

Security requirements.

Developer preferences.

UDDI requirements.


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Web Services: A Manager's Guide

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