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Wellness Counseling, CourseSmart eTextbook

By Paul F Granello

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jan 18, 2012

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Developed by a professor who has been teaching a popular and innovative wellness counseling course for over a decade, this new text is organized into a format specifically designed to meet the needs of both counselor education graduate students and their teachers — making both teaching and learning the material easier and more intuitive.


Giving a general but comprehensive overview of the subject of wellness, Wellness Counseling offers students a compelling balance of the science and research in the field, the theories that have emerged from this research, and the practical applications that we can take away from practicing these theories. Holistic, scientific, and ultimately concerned with the humanity of counseling, this text strives to be inclusive — especially of the psychological and social aspects of wellness that have gained more attention in recent years.


The book is organized in three main sections. While Section One is concerned with the background of wellness as a healthcare paradigm in the United States and major theories of wellness, and historical context for wellness, Section Two contains specific information on the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive domains of wellness.  The last main section of the book synthesizes the first two sections of the book to extract practical applications of wellness in behavioral healthcare intervention counseling.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: The Wellness Challenge

Chapter Two: Evolution of Wellness

Chapter Three: Theoretical Models for Wellness Counseling



Chapter Four: Change Science: Models & Methods

Chapter Five: Complimentary & Alternative Treatments

Chapter Six: Incorporating Wellness Counseling Into Clinical Practice: A Case Example



Chapter Seven: Cognition: Rules for Reality

Chapter Eight: Emotional Regulation: Stones & Water

Chapter Nine: Physical Activity and Psychological Well-being

Chapter Ten: Nutrition for Wellness: Fueling the Mind/Body

Chapter Eleven: Preventative Self-Care: Benefits of Modern Medicine

Chapter Twelve: Meaning and Wellness: Purpose for Living

Chapter Thirteen: Spirituality: Benefits of Belief

Chapter Fourteen: Cultural Context: Our Place in Time & Space

Chapter Fifteen: Our Collective Wisdom on Social Relationships and Wellness

Chapter Sixteen: Social Relationships: Burdens and Benefits

Chapter Seventeen: Creativity: Spark of Wellness

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