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What Every Student Should Know About Critical Reading

By Shadric Baker, Vivian Richardi Beitman

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Mar 27, 2012

Table of Contents

Preface v


CHAPTER 1: What Is Critical Reading and Why Is It

Important? 1

Benefits of critical reading and thinking 1

Learning to read and think critically 3

Identifying your own biases and obstacles to critical reading

and thinking 5

The structure of this text 6


CHAPTER 2: Reading Strategies: Surveying, Predicting,

Annotating, and Learning New Vocabulary 8

Surveying 8

Predicting 10

Annotating 11

Learning new vocabulary 12


CHAPTER 3: Identifying Topic, Main Idea,

and Details 21

Identifying the topic 21

Identifying details 22

Identifying the main idea 27


CHAPTER 4: Making Inferences and Recognizing Author’s

Purpose, Audience, and Tone 35

Forming inferences 36

Inferring an author’s audience 37

Inferring an author’s purpose 39

Inferring word connotation 42

Inferring an author’s tone 43


CHAPTER 5: Recognizing and Judging Arguments 47

Recognizing arguments 47

Evidence 49

Source credibility 53

Logic 55


CHAPTER 6: Dealing with Worldviews and Bias 60

Worldviews 60

Identifying worldviews as you read 62

Bias 63

Identifying bias as you read 65


CHAPTER 7: Reading and Thinking for Life 69


Index 71


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